Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fatigued Day - Write a Personal Statement

I was extremely fatigued today. I Just ran 35 min to loosen up but I wrote an awesome Personal Statement for my Grad School Application.

To the Binghamton University Graduate Admissions Office:

February 26th, 2011

Personal Statement

I applied to the Binghamton University graduate Masters program in Business Administration for the Fall of 2011. I attended Binghamton University as an undergraduate majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I graduated Magna Cum Laude on December 12th, 2010 with a cumulative index of 3.822.

I have a natural ability to lead and have a passion to create ideas, and potential through the use of strategic decisions. I want to exercise my talents in one of the most prestigious programs in the country. Graduate studies at Binghamton will enhance not only my classroom knowledge, but will give me a chance to practice management and leadership skills in a hands on environment. I dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and Binghamton’s MBA program will help me in my goals.

After graduation I will recognize and execute the most valuable opportunities within my reach. I have several business proposals that I want to implement in the near future. I would like to compete as a Professional Triathlete. I am competing in the 2011 ITU Long Course World Championships which brings me closer to my vision. I also have a liking for teaching. Coaching is another viable option. I am trained in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle which I can pass onto others, through life-triathlon- and college sports coaching. I have other visions of maintaining a real estate renting venture, and creating an Advertising business through use of a Triathlon Team - MCT Triathlon. My landscaping and snow removal company, which I began as a 5th grader, still continues to this day showing evidence that I can excel in the business field.

My greatest feat in recognizing an opportunity was in the Fall of 2009. My resume shows 6 W’s on my final transcript. On September 10th, I had been cycling on Vestal Parkway when I was struck by a mini-van coming from the opposite direction. I sustained a punctured lung, broken ribs, and a shattered clavicle. After spending 3 days in the ICU at Wilson Memorial, I withdrew from the semester. I was upset and felt defeated. This had never been part of my plan to graduate, and start my life. After the first of three surgeries on my clavicle, I started realizing the potential of what had happened. I was given the opportunity to sit back and observe the world for what it was. I was able to spend time with my family, a luxury I never had due to my hectic morning to night schedules throughout middle and high school. Although I was temporarily set back physically, I became a stronger and more efficient athlete. My accident gave me the opportunity to restart and direct my life on a more successful path.

Along with being an athlete I am an active member in my community. I am an Eagle Scout and enjoy helping other scouts grow physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. I belong to Sigma Alpha Pi: The National Society of Leadership and Success as well as The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Binghamton Chapters. I am the Coach and former President of the Binghamton University Running Club. While managing, the club grew from 20 members to over 150 active members. My goal is to create a family like social network throughout the club to promote academic, physical, and social strength in a positive atmosphere.

I enclosed two references from my former professors, Thomas Kelly and Angelo Mastrangelo, my transcript, and my resume. I am choosing Binghamton University for my Master’s level studies based on my experience as an undergraduate at Binghamton. I found my studies and the faculty outstanding. I find myself at home in the Binghamton community. I have a strong self-motivation and commitment to any task or project I undertake. If given the chance I will excel in your program and contribute a positive atmosphere and experience to the graduate MBA program at Binghamton University.

Today's Workout
35 min Run

Honey Nut Cheerios w/ milk
Eggs on a Whole Wheat
Chocolate Milk
Fruit Bowl
Bread w/ butter
Dark Chocolate

Friday, February 25, 2011

Financial Day!

I met with Diane today. I'm deciding what to do. I have an appointment set up for Monday up in Binghamton to see the house on 24 mason ave. Exhausted!

Today's Workout

90 min Run
.....5x hill sprints
.....5x long hill repeats

30 min Bike Cooldown

90 min Swim
.....400 Warm
.....5x IM Kick
.....200 IM
.....5x Pull
.....200 Free
.....10x Kick w/ Fins - accelerations
.....10x 40 Sprints in 2 min
.....10 min Cooldown

Banana Nut Muffin
Whole Wheat Bread
Chocolate Milk
Plain Bagels w/ Butter
Dark Chocolate
Fruit n' Yogurt
Pasta and Sauce
English Muffin (fiber) and Egg
Sweet Potato

Thursday, February 24, 2011

GMAT - Recovery Day

DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. A wonderful feeling. At least I have a complete off day today. It's not an off day for my brain though. A four hour Writing, Reading, and Math test. The GMAT = SAT's on Crack. Liz and Gary are taking good care of me.

I got my butt kicked by the GMAT's today. AHHH. Hopefully my letters of rec are enough to get into grad school.

Whole Wheat Toast w/ butter
Banana Nut Muffins
Banana Nut Muffin
Wheaties Fuel
Buffalo Wings
French Onion Soup
Chicken Panini with Roasted Peppers and Onions
French Fries

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time for the GMATS

It's Wednesday. I'm on a 2 hour easy ride right now but I'm going down to Long Island in a couple of hours. Liz is going to take me in before I take my GMATs tomorrow. They should be fun. They're like a puzzle, as all business is. We'll see how it goes. It'll be good.

Today's Workout

2 hour ride easy

4x25 pushups
4x25 V-Ups
4x100 Flutter Kicks
4x25 Dips

Full Body Stretch

Bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios (dry, we ran out of milk today, it was sad)
Eggs with mushrooms, potato, and cheese
Yogurt with Apples and Banana and peacans and raisans
Whole Grain English Muffins
Life Water
Pancakes w/ Syrup

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fridged Day - Shin splints - The Old Switcharoo

When I got up this morning (to Bella's paws on my face) I felt my shins were weak. I knew I wasn't going to do my run workout today, [It would've been some good hills.] Know your limits, Push your limits, doesn't apply to everything, especially in times of injury. Muscle weakness, soreness, lazyness all need to be pushed through, though shin splints, knee injuries, and tendon strains should be listened to.

Today's Workout
Run 30 Easy
Bike 60
.....15 Warm
.....10x(1 (sprint) n1's (hills)) w/ 2 min r

Row 10 min (5x30 sec sprints w/30 sec rest)
Shoulder Strength Routine (20 reps)
3x Hips, groin on full weight (12 reps)
3x 10 pushups, 10x dips
3x hamstrings (one leg) on 50 lbs (12 reps)
3x back pulls on 97 lbs (12 reps)
3x 10 lunges (50 lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs)
3x 12 shoulder press on 76 lbs
3x 50 toe ups
3x 12 on 90 lbs pressouts

Row 50 min (3x5 30 sec sprints with 5 min active rest)

Honey Nut Cheerios w/ Milk
Bagels w/ Butter
Chocolate Milk
Yogurt with Apple and Banana
Eggs with mushrooms and potato and cheese
Orange Juice
String Beans
Brown Rice with mot cheese
Grilled Chicken
English Muffin
Heed and Endurox
Honey Nut Cheerios

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day - The Day Before, 70 degrees???

It was a wild weekend with the weather. 70 degrees at one point, now it's 22 with 4 more inches of snow. Go figure. After Nicole left I had some quality time with my baby Bella. She chewed up a newspaper as I was out running. She had so much energy when I got back from my run. Crazy. I need to teach her how to run. She doesn't like to leave the property so I'll have to teach her that.

Today's Workout
45 min Run
.....3x800 form @ sub-3
.....3x2x200 w/ 30 sec between repeats and 2 min between sets
75 min Bike
.....10x30 sec sprints w/ 2 min rest

4x25 Pushups
4x25 V-ups
4x100 Flutter Kicks (Back and Front)

90 min Swim (yds)
.....400 Warm

Drill set (x2)
.....5x40 kick (alt free/back)
.....200 @ 2:58
.....5x40 pull (alt one arms)
.....200 @ 2:58

Main Set
.....2x5x40 @ 30s w/ 30r

.....400 Cool

Cheerios w/ milk and bananas
Fruit/Wheaties/Yogurt - Dark Chocolate
Pasta with six cheese sauce
String Cheese
Chicken w/ mayo on whole wheat toast
Chocolate Milk

Cakies Recipe - By Nicole Rozario

So when Nicole came up last weekend we made Cakies: cookies made out of cake batter. Though she had made them in a different way which I'd like to share. They are extremely easy.

Take a Box of Cake Mix

Do what the directions say minus the water.

The cake batter should now be thicker than is usually is (and will taste amazing)

Ex. Oil, Eggs, Mix

Taste like cake with the consistency of soft baked cookies!

Make small balls of Dough, put on a pan, flatten with a glass, top with amazing toppings, bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes, Enjoy with milk in front of a fireplace!

We made several types, which you can see... Chocolate chip, 3 dark chocolates, sprinkles, plain, peanut butter (the winner), chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, marshmallow, and too bad we didn't have graham crackers or there would've been a good smore cookie in the oven.

Racing Herby Waterman 5k #4

The race went well. Andy went out fast. Probably 2:30 or faster for the first half. I finished my mile at 5:12, Andy 5:08. It was fast but it didn't drain me too much. The second mile is always a hard one in this course. 5:39. 10:51. At least I broke 11 for the 2 mile. If I keep that up it'll be good for the season. Last mile 5:38. 16:30. I felt good. I noticed I was slightly fatigued. I did have 2 hard workouts during the week that could drain me. Tuesday's bike and Thursday's run. Finally my finish was 17:02. Close to breaking 17. Though I'm not worried about the 5k. I had much more in me to go for a few more miles at 5:40 so hopefully a sub-35 10k will be in my future.

Today's Workout
Herby Waterman 5k Winter Series Race #4 - 17:02

Bike Hour
2x10 min tempos w/ 20 min between - warm and cool

Full Body Stretch

Cereal w/ banana
Eggplant Lasagna
Sunshine Sandwiches
Apple n' Peanut Butter
Beef Stew w/ rice
Toast and Butter
String Cheese

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-Racing Herby Waterman 5k #4

So today is all about prepping for the Race tomorrow and balancing that with training through. I'm excited, I've been running well recently. I've had difficulty ever since NIRCA Nationals in November. The problem was too many longer runs (60-90 min) rather than breaking those up into 30-45 min and filling the rest with a brick. Like today, 30 min run with a 45 min bike. I'll save those longer runs for quality workouts that are more beneficial for muscle adaptation, muscle fiber recruitment, and neural development.

Today's Workout
30 min run
w/ 4x150 strides
45 min bike easy

4x25 V-ups
4x25 pushups

Full body stretch

Eggs and Fluff
Pancakes w/ syrup
chocolate milk
Mixed Fruit
Life Water
Lots of Cakies
Fish - Tilapia
Kidney Beans and Cream of Corn
Sweet Potato
Yogurt/Wheaties/Fruit mix

Friday, February 18, 2011


So my shins are slightly sore today from yesterday's workout. Not Surprised. Yesterday was a massive blow to the legs, I actually expected more soreness. I'll take it easy today and feel out how badly they were worked.

Nicole came up today from Florida. So much fun, we played with Bella, caught up, and went out to the olive garden :-)

Today's Workout
Easy 1 hour Bike
2x25 pushups
2x25 V-ups

Eggs and Fluff
Cheerios with Milk
Chocolate Milk
Sams Club Pizza
Olive Garden - Bread Sticks, Salad, Seafood Alfredo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate Milk as Recovery - Beginner Triathlete Forum

**There were several other threads in the forum...

mrheathen - 2011-02-11 12:39 PM There have been similar threads in the past, and I think they can be summed up thusly:

I like using ovaltine instead of plain old syrup, because I can fool myself into thinking it has some more nutrients in it.

Wonderful! It tastes amazing and does have more nutrients :-) I feel it mixes in with the milk better than syrup. I tried the chocolate malt one day and it was alright, though I prefer their chocolate mix.

I do enjoy recovery drinks (especially Endurox R4 Lemon Lime). I feel they work really well with the body because its something different the body doesn't usually see. I only have it once a week so my body doesn't get used to it too much that it becomes ineffective. (I found that with Heed, I started using it during workouts and felt AMAZING and so used it all the time and started noticing the effects weren't as potent so I started using it just once or twice a week and during races.) So all my other workouts are great with a pour of the milk jug, especially if I cannot find an Orange or other piece of fruit.

Another Hard Workout Day!

Tired today. Great workout though. Bella got blood work for heart worm. All negative. She is so cute. GMAT Studying is going well and such. Yay!

Today's Workout

Swim 60 min (yds)
.....400 warmup
.....5x2x40 kick (IM with 2 free)
.....5x80 Interval (IM with 2 free, AFTER corresponding Kick)
.....6x40 Pull (Focus on the catch, do 10 catch exercises before each repeat
.....6x20 Sprint
.....Some Cooldown

Run 60 min
.....3xmile @ 5:20
.....3x800 @ 2:35 (alternating with mile repeats)
half mile rest
.....4x150m Wind Sprints
**Endurox and Heed

Bike 30 min Cooldown

Full Body Stretch

English Muffin
Chocolate Milk
Matt's Whipped Eggs
Gawors Frozen Fruit Treat
String Cheese
Chocolate Milk
Lemon Water
Peanut Butter Sandwiches
English Muffin
Gawors Frozen Fruit Treat
Sweet Potato
Broccoli and Cheese

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lots of Projects in my Head

So I have lots of projects in my head and cannot choose just one. I want to do everything though there isn't enough time for all of them to be gotten. Let's see where my nose takes me.

Today's Workout
Run 30 min - Fartlek - 6 intervals 1-2 minutes each
Bike 60 min - Easy - with Shoulder Routine (5lbs)
4x25 Full Situps
4x25 Pushups
Full Body Stretch

Today's Nutrition
Oatmeal (pecans, raisins, almonds), Orange, English Muffin (honey wheat), Chocolate milk, 3 egg whites 1 egg yolk w/ mozzarella cheese :-)
2 pieces of chocolate from Christina's Gift :-)
32oz Life Water
Small Bowl Mac and Cheese
Chocolate Milk
2 pieces of chocolate from Christina's Gift :-)
2 Plum Tomatoes
Chicken Cordon Blue (and broccoli)
Salad (Matt's Salad)
Brown Rice
Mixed Fruit, Vanilla, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate

Forum from Runner's

Reply to:
I am trying to improve my HM time. In the past, everytime I do any kind of tempo training or speed training, I almost immediately get shin splints. Then running at all becomes a challenge. Maybe I am not doing them correctly.?? I have tried on the treadmill AND outside. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to improve time a different way? maybe with cross training? or is there another way to do speed training that is not going to give me shin splints? please help! Thanks:)
Posted by cdailey

I am a Triathlete so I am a big believer of cross training. There are a few things you need to focus on: Muscular production of power, running form, and aerobic power.

As with the other posts above do strides at the end of your easy runs to work on your running form. You want to keep good running form in order to run fast. Pretty self-explaintory. Keeping the time of hard running down will keep the shin splints down (I suffer from shin splints often so I know how you feel).

As for speed training, I suggest getting on the elliptical and in the pool. The pool is a great way to work on your running form and turnover without the pounding. Just put on an aqua belt and GO! Do some intervals like 10xmin with a minute jog. (You may cramp up the first time). Aqua jogging will be a great way to work on your turnover speed. The elliptical is the same way. You will be able to work on your turnover while working on your aerobic power. It doesn't work your form that well but you can get your heart rate up to a good aerobic %.

As for muscular production of power, a good tempo workout on the bike will work the muscles the best. My favorite is 4x10 min with 10 min rest (90 min workout) @ 185 BPM. It really engages all my muscle fibers and I fly when I get back on the road to run.

These things will allow you to train hard without getting shin splints. I will say though that your shins will still become weak after a run workout or race because it won't be used to the pounding. You will need to allow time for your body to adapt to the pounding of the road. I hope this helps! :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forum from Runner's

Forum from Runner's and Beginner Triathlete .com

What type of strength training should I do?

**Reply from Gawors
Lifting is an interesting and tricky thing. I train between 28-35 hours per week and I like when strength training is developed. What you are doing right now is full muscular strength (moderate-heavy, 7-10 reps, 3 sets) which is great, though it can tear your muscles up pretty well. I go through 4 week cycles to work on different aspects of my muscles (one strength training session per week). (Abs and pushups I do MWF)

1st Week - Power - Quick Firing of the muscles on the positive contraction, (less focus on the negative contraction of the muscle) - 7-10 reps moderate weight - this works on the power generated throughout a race.

2nd Week - Speed - Plyometric strength exercises - russian sqats, calve raises, (body weight things) focusing on speed and consistanty throughout positive and negative contractions - muscular endurance - 25-50 reps - I like to follow this with an hour bike, run, or swim. This builds consistancy of muscular strength and cardiovascular system working as one.

3rd Week - Strength - Muscle Fiber Recruitment - when a muscle is put under enourmous tension (to maximize lifted weight) - the muscle recruit more %'s of the fibers. This is esstential for when your body is breaking down at the end of a race. - 2-3 reps - Max Weight

4th Week - Recovery - I usually dont do much strength training. Abs, pushups, and pullups if I'm up to it.

I hope this helps :-)

To the Vet

So I'm taking Bella to the Vet today. She doesn't even like getting in the car, let alone going to the vet. Hopefully this doesn't spoil her travel experiences for the future.

Today's Workout
Bike 90 min
.....4x10 min tempo intervals w/ 10 min spin rest

Swim 90 min

Upper Body Tone Routine

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Started another week: Race Week. I have the Herby Waterman Winter Series Race #4 on Sunday. I will be training through the race but it will be a good way to start testing my racing muscles (for running at least). I spent most of my time with Bella today. What fun! :-) It's Valentine's Day and I got my mother an 8GB flash drive that she wanted. Hopefully she won't read this post until afterwords. (Also I like the new bathmat Mom, I've been meaning to say it but never can remember, hopefully this helps)

Felt good today. My shin splints are still there but are succeeding. I will be focusing on short runs with more intensity from now on. Especially since the ITU Long Course World Championships are 18 miles instead of the usual 13. I need to be on my game for the run. That is where I will make up the most ground on the leaders. I'm developing my stride even more-so because I discovered I pumped my arms TOO violently. I developed my arms to pump and produce force but realized I've gone a little too far. Time to back that up.

Today's Workout
30 min Run
.....3x800 @ 2:42
1 hour Bike

10xLung Stretching Sips (on Bike)

4x25 Full Situps
4x25 Pushups
Full Body Stretch

Sunday, February 13, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado Pictures!

Today's Picture from Vail COLORADO! (

After my drive back home last night I came in to find my new puppy sick. She wanted to be as excited to see me as I her but she was weak. She's feeling better today and it seems everything is going to be alright. I'm feeling well, strong, and optimistic. It's back to working hard and starting to invest some money and time into new ideas I have for the future. It seems I have rejuvenated from the trip and am ready to tackle the next big thing: The GMATS.

Today's Workout
3 hour Brick
.....400 warm
.....5x40 Kick
.....6x40 Pull (4x40 w/ one arm)
.....10x40 Kick with fins - work on gliding
.....3x100 @ 1:20 w/ 20yd rest (one after each drill)
.....2x200 @ 2:58
.....400 Cool
.....1 Hour Continuous (with one 800 form run in the middle)
.....1 Hour Continuous

Full Body Stretch
10xLung Stretching

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back Home

Colorado was great but it is time to go back home.

Today's Workout
30 min bike @ 150 bpm
30 min run with middle 10 min + 1% grade every minute
30 min bike @ 176 bpm

VAIL! - Colorado 7

Our last day on the mountain was spectacular. We had bright blue skies, wonderful snow, warm air, and a great time. We decided to go bowling after skiing. "Bowling" at Bol. It is a wonderful bowling alley/bar that Charlie says is built up like everything is in Dubai. I can just imagine every hotel, bar, and resort built up to its beauty. But we are in Vail and it was something I was not expecting. We met an incredible women at the bar, Vanessa (I hope I spell her name right in case she's reading this). She runs an art gallery in NYC. Check it out it's awesome.

After eating and hearing magnificent stories from Vanessa we starting our trip back to Denver. I drove through the Rockies, which is not the easiest thing to do, although it is beautiful to see, especially when you cross the continental divide and see the city of Denver in the distance, sparkling in the moonlight. If anyone has never seen it, it is a must to come out west to see the mountains and the city lights.

Today's Workout
45 min bike
45 min run
16x1 min @ 5:56 min/mi w/ 1 min r
Full Body Stretch in hot tub
10x Lung Stretching in Steam Room

Thursday, February 10, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 6

It was a Bright Day with Charlie today. We went out on the mountain at 9 and skied until 4. Long day on the mountain but it was a bright sunny day. Nice groomed fast trails. We skied with Herb's friends for a little while Bill and ___. They liked skiing in the choppy snow. Charlie and I were fatigued from the powder days before but it still was a great day. I got some good video today which I'll use eventually! YAY! Now it's time to go out and eat :-)

2011 ITU Long Course World Championship's Length... So I found out the 2011 LC World's is much longer than a half ironman and much longer than the Long Course distance. I'm not sure why, I'll explain more later.

Today's Workout
15 min bike warmup
30 min run workout
3x800 @ 2:40 w/ 2 min r
3x400 @ 75 w/ 1:30 r
15 min elliptical cooldown
Full Body Stretch
Full body stick self-massage

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 5

Rest day (from skiing)
After being -15 f on the top of Vail mountain and Charlie (being slightly sick), we decided to pack it in for the day and relax. It was great. I really felt exhausted. For any who thinks they feel great but are secretly struggling (oxymoron), take a day of rest. Ward off that over-training which literally could end your season in an instant.

If you're making a trip (like skiing to Vail, or going to a training camp for a week), make sure you make a light rest week the week before the trip (7 days). I have no doubt anyone can work hard one week and work through a training camp the next without any problem. Unfortunately your excitment for your trip (or camp) will push off any difficult strains or sores until you start relaxing at the end of the week. The unfortunate thing is by that time, overtraining and injuries may have set in. Lesson: Take is easy the week before a trip.

Today's Workout
All Body Stretch


Hour Swim
10x60 IM
10 min Aqua Jog
Lung Stretching

45 min Strength Training
3x10x40lb Standing Bicep Curls
3x15x80lb Quad Extensions
3x12x95lb Lat Pulldowns
3x15x50lb Hamstring Curl
3x15x80lb Shoulder Press
3x90x230lb Leg Press
4x25 Pushups

Full body stick self-massage

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 4

After a hard day of skiing I'm on the bike to replenish my glycogen and oxygen stores. We skied with 3 Australians today: Wayne (Wine), Karl, and John. They are great skiers, (who kicked our butts). But all in all it was an amazing day. Crazy snow and some sunshine. Some good pictures as well :-)

So all those who have trouble with their calves and toes (a small select "lucky" few like me) read on. I have a theory.

1) Skiing is a great Cross Training way to gain impact strength without dealing with injury. All those moguls rip apart your muscles like plyometrics do. Although, I have difficulty with my calve muscles, shin splints, and my toe joints. My calves become sore easily (probably due to lack of strength). Shin splints are self explanatory (tearing muscle from the bone, again lack of strength, particularly impact strength). And my toes, in 8th grade I fell out of a tree and broke my toe. Since them I've had pain if I overwork using my toes (running on my toes too much). Therefore I have to be very careful about working plyometrics and sprint workouts too much. Skiing is a great substitute. You can still overuse your muscles skiing, but my quads are far more in shape than my calve and therefore my calves need a break every once in a while.

2) This brings up another point. Heel striking? Good or bad. Every article you find (most anyway) will side on forefoot striking for maximum power production, and they are absolutely correct. Though it should be done in moderation. If you are a natural heel striker, you may develop chronic injuries by trying to convert to a mid-food striker. I have had calve muscle strains, shin splints, and the toe injury that I explained earlier. I compromise. During easy runs I allow my body to do as it pleases with striking, though I do focus on correct moving form (leg turnover, relaxed arms, upright position). This allows me to do high volume work without injury. When I get into workouts (5xmile, 8x800, 20x400, tempos) I develop my "racing" stride to produce the most power. This is my mid-foot strike. So just think it over :-)

Today's Workout

Hour Bike
20x30 second sprints w/ 1 min r

Monday, February 7, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 3

Again, great day of Snow. Charlie and I met up with Herb this morning at Club 50. Good food, Great Breakfast ;-) We skied hard. My legs are taking a good beating but HEY! It's worth it. It was a whiteout again. We went into the back bowls and were met with wonderful powder, including the Resolution trail.

On a side note I was given an offer today for a Triathlon partnership, we'll see what happens.

Today's Workout

1 Hour Run
Full body Stretch
4x25 Pushups

VAIL! - Colorado 2


Charlie and I hit it hard today. I did some videoing that may help with advertising. The snow was good. We had about an hour of sun and then another whiteout! YO! We decided to go over to the Altitude in Evergreen to watch the Packers beat the Steelers in the superbowl. Tomorrow's another hard day. Let's hit it.

Today's Workout

1 Hour Bike w/ some higher intervals (180 BPM)

VAIL! - Colorado


Today was good. Charlie and I skied a good five hours today at Vail. My legs were feeling the work. All those muscles neglected during Tri-Training. I feel the altitude sickness but not so much anymore, as I've adapted quickly. When I came 5 years ago I wouldn't have been able to say the same thing. This morning (jumping back) I slept in. Thank God. I had awoken at 5:30 with ease but decided I was fatigued from the traveling and stayed in bed until 7.

I started Coaching someone new today who I am excited about. She really wants to finish well in a half-marathon coming up. She has the basics down, she has the routines down, now all is to add the tedious doings.

Today's Workout

4x25 pushups, 1x25 full body Crunch
90 minutes on the bike
Upper and Mid stretch

My 22nd Birthday!

This will be short but let's go over it. My 22nd birthday - wonderful 22nd gathering with some old friends. It was nice. And of course instead of having cake, we had a cheesecake :-)

Now let's step back for a moment. After I raced in Binghamton for the January Freeze 10k I drove home that Sunday night at around 6. I got home with my mother greeting me. She had had me call home 2-3 times before I actually got to Middletown. Why? Why this madness? I walked into my room with my father in my chair and my mother on my bed petting my new Golden Retriever, Bella! She is beautiful :-) She is a wonderful puppy who was terrified at first when my parents brought her home. They rescued her from the Middletown Humane Society. She wouldn't move. We had to carry her outside to go to the bathroom, into the living room, and into the bedroom.

It's a few days later and she is running around chewing things up. I miss her but we bonded quite well before I left for Vail.

Pictures and Videos of Bella -

January Freeze 10k - TCRC Binghamton

So this may be a little late, but o' well. The 10k went alright in Binghamton, NY. 37:14. Not the greatest time in the world (considering my triathlon 10k time is 35:11). Though it was a good sight to see all three laps evenly spaced. I couldn't produce a great deal of power but I was consistent. It's still pre-season, but I need to start and get my butt going if I am to do well this year. I'm strong. Now it's time to convert that strength to power. Consistent power. I came in forth during the race. I raced against some good runners who pushed me along. It was a coldish day, but not too bad. I felt slightly fatigued going into it.