Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am a Son of a Priest

**Originally Written for Chat Book "Truth"

I am the Son of a Priest
............For my Father Frank

I am the Son of a Priest,
A devout Catholic.

He stays as my mentor
Against all temptations of society.

He shares our belief in God,
Of Jesus Christ, the Son.

Who’s faith makes others uncomfortable.
Who’s belief distinguishes above the rest.

I am the Son of a Priest.
A priest who has given me the bread of life
A priest who understands the sins of alcohol
The pressures of Satan’s empty promises.

He has kept my faith an intact cornerstone
A faith which pulls at the devotion of life.

My Faith lets me study
My Faith pushes through 26 miles of pain
My Faith employs the being as an inspiration
My Faith devotes a friendship
My Faith inspires musical art

I am the Son of a priest.
Someone who has learned his faith from the Father.
Someone who lives through the word of the Vatican.
I am the Son of a Priest.