Monday, March 28, 2011

In Naples... what a wonderful place

What a wonderful place Naples Fl is...

March 25th
45 min run
45 min bike

March 26th
30 bike

March 27th
30 bike

75 bike

March 28th
50 run
50 bike (afternoon)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recovery Day

For U Dogz is going well. I'm writing down all the kichens in the Binghamton area that may have the most potential to use.

90 Min Easy Bike

60 swim

Roll with butter
bran 4 cereal w/ milk and strawberries

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Easy Endurance

I'm doing some easy endurance today. Yesterday's crazy run workout took a bit out of me but I'm holding together. I was going to run half this morning but its snowing and my shins hurt so I'm putting that on hold for the afternoon workout.

90 min Easy Bike


Bran 4 Cereal w/ milk
fluffy eggs
chicken salad
roast beef wrap
roll with butter
english muffins with butter
life water

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anaerobic stress

So I did some intervals today. Felt good. We're going to Florida in a couple of days and my mom's freaking out about packing as usual. So much fun. My calves are a little tight today from the workout. I need to use the calve compression socks. That will shape them up. Being relaxed, that is a skill I will be trying to accomplish in the coming months. I really enjoyed using my critical thinking brain today with the hot dog stand. It was wonderful to think again. I need to start doing that on a regular basis from now on. It's tough. Daring; just to have a schedule.

Run 68 min
12x200 w/ 1 min r
3x800 w/ 2 min r
6x400 w/ 2 min r

45 min swim

Fluffy Eggs
Cereal (bran 4 and oats and strawberries)
banana and strawberries with yogurt
toast and butter
string cheese
tuna w/ corn, mayo, pepper, cheese, celery, and carrots

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Week 3 Base 3

This is going to be a tough week before I get to florida...

90 min Bike
3x4,5,6x20 sec accelerations w/ 10 sec rest on 5:00

45 min run

3x20 - pushups, dips, abs (3- 2 min plank)
Leg Press
calve raises

60 min swim
lots of 40's
100 in 1:22 with new stroke

Bowls of Oats Clusters Cereal
fluffy eggs w corned beef
string cheese
progresso soup
peanut butter
bread and butter
hershy's bar
banana apple fruit and crisp rice

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recovering and coming back...

I'm exhausted. I woke up this morning at 7 and realized Bella was still asleep. Obviously I'm exhausted. I need to bring myself out of the rut. I've been rutted by something, too little stimulation inside and out. The trip to Florida will help me out a bit.

Hour Run
5x800 @ 3:00 (form 800's)
5x200 @ 35 (form 200's)
90 Easy Run

Eggs with potato corned beef
English muffins
fiber one bar
Wheaties fuel
Corned Beef Sandwich

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 15th, 2011

Morning Workout
60 min bike

4x25 pushups
4xabs - alt

Takin' it easy...

I was hurting yesterday. My lungs were very tight. They still are.

90 min Bike

Nuts and Fruit
Philly Cheese Stake
Motz Cheese Fries
Chinese Food

Monday, March 14, 2011

A surprise visit...

So the Skii's came over today for a surprise visit as they made their way up to Vermont to go skiing. It was nice to see them.

Registered for the Binghamton Bridge Half Marathon today. Some prize money in the pack. Maybe a 1:16 will be enough to take on some big boys.

Bought shoes last night, 2 more pairs of DS Trainers 15's! My shoes were waaaay over due.

Today I'll be picking my teams for the NCAA tourny. I may have to bet against Nova but even if they do beat George Mason in the first round the play first ranked Ohio State in the second round.

Today's Workout
Bike 90 Easy

4xab (planks, crunches, flutter kicks, leg lifts)
4x25 pushups
4x25 dips


Oatmeal with nuts and fruit
english muffins
fruit and yogurt

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrate Life Half Marathon 2011

I was well and ready for this race. The past few weeks my training had been amazing. I was turning over mile and half mile repeats. Hill sprints. Tempos. They were all feeling amazing.

Today not so much...

I warmed up nicely but felt very tight in some places, and felt as though I didn't exist in others. Part of my hamstrings were not responding. They felt as though they were numb from feeling. I couldn't keep proper form, I couldn't produce consistent power. It was just one of those days. A few days ago I could go out and run a 2400 in 9 min with graceful form and a feeling to keep going for miles. Today I couldn't even run the first 400 in good fashion. I felt tight. I felt weak. Just one of those days.

1st Mile - 5:55 - Perfect Split for what I can do but just didn't feel right. I felt as though I was off.
2nd Mile - 6:12 - I began to feel frustrated that I couldn't produce any power. My muscles tightened further and began to constrict my movement.
3rd Mile - 6:00 - I pushed harder hoping that I would break free from this feeling. It just became worse and by this time I already wanted to stop. I felt so uncomfortable.
4th Mile - 6:34 - There was a large hill which changed the position of producing force from the Muscles. During the hill I creeped to a mush slower. It was a great idea even though Andy pulled away. My muscles started relaxing but I still felt terrible.
5th Mile - 5:51 - Obviously I felt better, but a lot this make up time was due to the downhill net in this mile. I could work more of my muscles to their potential but they were still only working at 60%.
6th Mile - 6:05 - I was losing air. My windpipe was still tight from the tightening attack in the beginning of the race.
7th Mile - 6:19 - My chest slowely tightened and had an event like an asthma attack. I tried really hard to relax my breathing to allow for more air but nothing. I just worked with what I had.
8th Mile - 6:10 - I had put myself on auto-pilot. Just drown out what was going on and go.
9th Mile - 6:45 - I hit that hill again and was truly fatigued by the fight I was going through. I needed a slight breather on this hill. I wanted to stop. I was burning and just muscling my way through this race. It should be graceful, It should be relaxed.
10th Mile - 5:59 - Again a good downhill portion but the hill relaxed me once again to make another attack.
11th Mile - 6:21 - Just on Auto-Pilot again. Pushing through. Fighting the wind.
12th Mile - 6:25 - Struggling to make ends meet. I'm so close to the end.
13th Mile - 6:04 - Relaxed a bit more. It has been a difficult race.

Finish : 1:21:18 - A Personal Best

The time is hopeful. Even though my race was close to a disaster today, I felt strong. Even though I struggled and had to muscle my way through the race, I still broke last years graceful time by a full minute. It definitely gives me hope for the upcoming season.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prep for the Celebrate Life Half Marathon

So tomorrow is the Celebrate Life Half Marathon. It's time to get serious. Realistically I can pull off a sub-1:17. The winning time last year was 1:18:30. Time to go after the win.

Today's Workout
30 min Run
30 min Bike
Some fartlek to loosen up.

House Hunting

Took a look at a bunch of houses today. I love 4 College Ave (actually St.) and 171.5 Murray St. They're both rented and both gorgeous. Time to create an NPV profile and see where the profits are.

Business Trip

Took a business trip today. We woke up in a hotel room this morning and went for a good bike with Charlie. Ed and I took off and went to a few Rite Aids on the way to Middletown where I had a short lunch and took off for Binghamton for a Realty appointment. Time to look at some houses!

Today's Workout
Hour Bike
Pushups and Situps

Hour Swim

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big East Baketball

Going to Madison Square Garden today with Charlie, Ed, and Kevin. We WE'RE hoping to go and watch Nova play but they dropped the ball to USF. Now my girlfriend is an athlete from USF, but seriously, who loses to USF basketball in the first round of the Big East Tournament. But it'll be fun to go into the city and hang out with the guys.

Today's Workout
45 min Bike - Recovery

Fluffy Eggs
English Muffins
Mixed Fruit

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Start of a new Era...

So today was tough. Almost 4 hours of training, and a little cleaning on the side.

Today's Workout
1:30 Bike
2x5 min tempo
2x10 min tempo alternating with 5
10x min tempo with 30 sec hill

60 min run
8x800 @ 2:50 on 5 min

45 min row

Fluffy Eggs
Oatmeal w/ nuts and fruit
peanut butter sandwich
english muffins with butter
pancakes w syrup
fruit n yogurt
fruit for a snack

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Day back from Recovery

I just sold my Toyota today. I miss it already. It is a wonderful car with so many memories.

Today's Workout
30 min Run
6x150m wind sprint
45 min Bike
10x min tempo, 30 sec hill

Row 60 (6x10 min)
Between each row set 3xupper 3xlower
Shoulder Routine
Russian Squats
Hips and Groin
Should Press
Quad Extension
Back Extension
Tricep Extension
Fly Press
Hamstring Curl
Glute Extension
Leg Press

Fluffy Eggs
Yogurt Fruit n Nuts
Kidney Beans w/ creamed corn on Lettuce (Lettuce Wrap)
Chocolate Milk
Bread and Butter
Brown Rice
Fruit n Yogurt w/ Nuts

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Day of Recovery

My last day of the recovery week. We're going to a christening today. It'll be nice.

Today's Workout
60 min Easy

Fluffy Eggs
Yogurt Fruit n' Nut

Replenishing the Muscles...

Today was a light day. But I was excited that Bella had a play date today ;-)

Today's Workout
45 min Swim
...400 Warm
...5x40 Kick
...200 @ 3:06
...5x40 Pull
...200 @ 3:02
5x80 @ 1:25

Used Heed and Endurox for full recovery

Cheerios w/ milk
sweet potato
chicken teryaki subway
string cheese

Friday, March 4, 2011

Feelin' Good

So Binghamton Basketball... Advances to semi-finals crushing UMBC :-)

So Binghamton T&F... Congrats on Runner-Up position and Top performers :-)

It must be catching. I feel great. During my easy 45 min today I put out a 9 min 2400m without any effort and continued to put sub-3's for the 800m in a fartlek kind of way. I did not push myself. This week is a good recovery week, but you always need a little speed to stay fresh. The celebrate life half marathon is coming up next week and I hope I post a good time. I think I have a good shot at winning this half-marathon. Last year's time was 1:18:30 and I feel I'm a lot stronger than I was after training 43 days from my accident.

Bella is still hobbling around. The vet said that she may have lyme disease and that may be why one of her joints is acting up. They put her on medication so we'll see how she reacts to it. It comatose's her pretty well throughout the day. Ironically Doxy-cycline (spelling?) is the same anti-biotic I was put on during the emergency surgery on my clavicle. I feel like Bella and I have something in common. :p

Today's Workout
45 min Run - Easy fartlek
45 min Bike - Easy

Full Body Stretch

String Cheese
Oatmeal with nuts and fruit
toast with butter
meatloaf burgers

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stretching Day...

I need to do some good stretching today. I've been blah (well relaxed), which I guess I need. I need for my nervous system to rejuvenate itself. But stretching will be good, especially my lungs. My lungs are a bit tight. I feel once I rest this week, my body will be strong for the half marathon at the end of next week.

Today's Workout
Morning 45 min bike easy

Swim 45 min Swim

Full Body Stretch
Full Body Stick Self-Massage

Corn Chex Cereal w/ milk (drank a little chocolate milk with what milk was left over in the bowl)
Life Water

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recovery Week...

Finished my realty packet to check out some of the houses in Binghamton. Now I just need to decide on a Co-Signer because New York state doesn't believe I won't default on my payments. Lovely.

Today's Workout
45 min Run
...Fartlek 2x800 - 2:52, 2:45

45 min Swim
...400 Warm
...5x40 Kick
...200 Free @ 2:50
...5x40 Pull
...2x100 Free @ 1:24, 1:24
...5x40 @ 30,29,29,28,27

Peanut Butter sandwich
Toast w/ Butter
String Cheese
Salt and Vinegar Chip with Pretzals
Chocolate Milk
Sweet Potato
Fruit and Nut
Fruit with yogurt
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home for the Day

Finally got home from Binghamton after investor searching. I hope to get this real estate process moving. I like the idea of getting 2 smaller homes for cheap rather than 1 larger home for a lot. Makes sense to me with the big rental market there and if consumers become more confident in the future they will want to buy small and conservatively rather than elaborately.

Today's Workout
90 min Easy Bike

Bagel with CC
Apple Sauce
McDonalds - 4 chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, small fry, with a fruit smootie (yeah don't judge me)
string cheese
my mother's chile w rice
bagel with butter
chocolate milk

Real Estate

So I'm working my way through the real estate process. We'll see! But this is my recovery week so I'm taking it light :-)

Today's Workout
45 min Swim
.....Kicking Drills
.....2x100 yd Free in 2 min
.....2x100 yd IM in 2:30
.....10x25 sprints on 1:00

Endurance Day!

For Sunday February 27th, 2011

Today's Workout
30 min Swim
90 min Bike
.....@ 156 BPM
90 min Run
.....@ 166 BPM
45 min Swim
....Lots of People, so drills and some sprints