Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Day of Training and Cabinets

So it was another day of Training and Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.... That is all :-)

Today's Workout

Swim 1:30
400 Warm
200 Kick - Board
200 Single Arm Pull
200 Kick on Side - Board
3x200 on 4 (1:36 100yd pace)
200 Single Arm
3x160 IM w/ 40 easy
10x40 on 1:30
400 Cooldown
Strength Routine

Bike 1:30 - Easy/Recovery
4x25 Pushups
4x25 Full Ab Crunches
Full Body Stretch

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Endurance Day

What a great day today. Great workout, great nutrition, felt great, felt strong. I became slightly irritated by the end though. I wanted to get out of there. Haha. But 5 hours in the gym is a long time.

Today's Workout

4:30 Hour Endurance Workout

Swim 90
400 Warmup
200 Kick board
2 x 400 on 8:00
200 Single Arm
2 x 400 on 8:00
200 Kick by side
1 x 600 @ 12:00

Bike 90 Straight

Elliptical (Run) 90
Start at 10 angle
Decrease 1 angle every 10 minutes.

Average Heart Rate for 5 hour (transitions) workout: 156 BPM (180 Ceiling)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Even to a Triathlete - It's a Monday...

Monday is the beginning of the week for me. (I work on a Monday- Sunday Schedule). Though any day of the week can be a Monday for an athlete. It's when their training cycle repeats itself. It's when the athlete can gain more motivation from its previous relaxation. Unfortunately, I have been having trouble falling asleep at night. It's frustrating. Though the more I'm frustrated, the harder it is to fall asleep. Last night was another night of lying in bed for hours, trying to turn my mind off. This morning when I woke up at 6:30 I felt the monday sluggish feeling. Fortunately my 1:30 Swim workout was good, and I was well motivated when I got in the water. Though throughout the day I felt sluggish again... No fun. But these type of days are repaired by only one thing... Sleep. If you feel sluggish from lack of sleep (maybe due to excess partying during the weekend) force yourself to take a half an hour nap. Discipline yourself to get to bed early and relax. Allow yourself to release testosterone, and HGH as you fall into sleep which will help you repair your body quickly and get the rest that is needed. The more quality rest you gain, the better you will feel for the rest of the week. Remember 7 hours of quality sleep during your regular routine is better than 10 hours of "sleeping in sleep" after a night up.

Today's Workout

Swim 1:30
400 Warmup
200 Kick - Board
200 Single Arm Stroke
400 Kick - Flippers
6x80 IM w/ 20 r/
5x100 Free @ 1:24 w/ 1min r/
10x40 Free @ 30 (sprint)
300 Cooldown

Elliptical 1:30
14 x 1:1:3 Speed/Strength/Rest
Even/Odd Switch S/S
Increase Angle with Each set

Ab/Shoulder/Pushup/Pullup Routine

Herby Waterman 5k Race #2

So It didn't go exactly as planned today. I was hoping to start off a nice 5:20 and then break 11 in the 2 mile. Not what happened... After taking a 5:20 first mile I went through the 2 in 11:05, 5:45 for the second. I felt good though! How could this happen? I'm theorizing I am weak with lactate threshold and muscular endurance. I must not be able to keep the high power the muscles give out. But then maybe I should work on a faster turnover rate to minimize ground impact? So many questions lie unanswered. So many questions left to be discovered.

On the other side my third mile time was 5:39 with more in my reserves to push. What is wrong with the second mile. My entire life has had trouble with the second mile time: trouble in the 2mile, 3000m, steeple, 5k, 10k. I've always had trouble with that second mile. I've started off fast, slow, perfect pace. It's always the same. I guess I should work on 2nd mile specific workouts to bound that hurdle.

So to cap off today

1st - 5:20
2nd - 5:45
3rd - 5:39
Finish - 17:16 - 2nd Place

NEXT UP: The January Freeze 10k in Binghamton, NY. Saturday January 29th, 2011.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pre-Racing Herby Waterman 5k

Fun. Today I finished cleaning the Tool Shelf. I felt a little groggy so took a rest reading some of my GMAT prep book. Finally I took the initiative to strap on my winter running suit and head out the door. It's one of those moments in winter where even the most mentally prepared eskimo wants to be in Florida on a beach in Naples. Fr-idged temperatures. Though with my suit it wasn't too bad. What was having trouble today was my shin. I'm battling shin splints. Tight shin muscles mostly. Hopefully my race goes well tomorrow. It should.

I'm not worrying about how quickly I finish tomorrow. I am focusing on the first and second miles tomorrow. First mile, 5:20. Second mile, 5:30. If anything I need to focus on breaking 11 in the 2 mile. I cannot get stuck for the rest of the season with a problem in the second mile of my races.

Today's Workout

30 min Run, light with 2 strides
1:00 Bike, light

Full Body Stretch
Lung Expansion Exercises

Friday's Workout

So yesterday I missed my posting to spend time cleaning out the freezer.

Friday's Workout

1:00 Swim
Drills, 3x200, 3x40

2:00 Easy Bike

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Bath - Ice Day - Ice Week

Well an interesting day...

I'm still having trouble getting to sleep at night. But I got up this morning and headed out to the Y for a great morning swim. I'm enjoying these swims after the "using the core" Revelation (you see the phrase everywhere, but it doesn't work until you really experience the use). I took off an hour bike this evening but still did my 45 min run (elliptical) workout. Flu + no sleep = Ridiculous Fatigue. But I made up for it with 2- 20 min ice baths for my Calves. Another snow day tomorrow. Hopefully my slight case of shin splints will heal up fully for Sunday's race.

Today's Workout

1:15 Swim
400 Warm
400 Pull (snapping)
200 Kick
10 x 40 @ 30
200 Cool
*Some yardage missing. Unfortunately I can't remember that far back.

45 min Elliptical @ 134-145 BPM

2 - 20 Min Ice Baths

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some good swimming and Ice Run

Today's Workout

Morning Workout

45 min Run
1 x mile 5:20
5 x 800 2:36, 2:20, 2:46, 2:25, 2:43


1 Hour Easy Bike

Evening Workout

1:15 Swim
400 Warm
400 Pull (focus on snapping)
200 Kick (100 front 100 Back)
2x80 @ 1:07
10x40 @ 30
300 Cool

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recovery Snow Day!

Not as much of a snow, as an Ice day: A good 3 inches of ice and snow. I finally got to swim with my arms today! The past two weeks I've been primarily kicking and using complete underwater pulls to minimize my shoulder strain. After a while of being in the water, I've discovered I've been using my back muscles too much (hyper extension of the abs). What I've realized is I need to engage my abs more consciously from now on. My quads are usually overused. Why? When the abs are engaged you swim, bike, and run more efficiently by using the correct muscle groups. (While Running with engaged abs, you use more of your hams and gluts, instead of primarily using your quads for support and calves for propulsion.) The same is true with swimming, with your abs engaged you work with your stability muscles (kicking) and propulsion muscles (lats) to glide more efficiently through the water. Works out well, doesn't it?

Today's Workout

1 Hour Recovery Bike - 120 BPM

1 Hour Swim
Lots of Front and Back Kicking
10 x 20yd @ 30
2 x 100 yd @ 1:20
All Body Stretch
3 x 25 Pushups

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday - Sunday's Endurance Workout

Today's Workout

1:30 Run with good form, consciously used my core to produce power
2:30 Bike, Endurance, Relaxed at 132 BPM

Light Upper body Strength
Pushups 3x25
Shoulder Routine with 5lbs

Felt good. Though I had a little stomach problem from drinking stale coffee. Let this be a lesson to all of you to make sure your iced coffee in the refrig isn't 2 weeks old!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sickness

So I've started a wild day in order to start my training blog. Yesterday night I became sick with the stomach flu. Doubled over in the bathroom I was terrified to throw up (As it is my one biggest fear). I had had a great recovery hour ride Saturday and was excited for the 4 hour workout today: 90 min bike and 2:30 ride- A good endurance workout. Obviously that workout today didn't happen. All I was doing was chillin' out in my PJ's, watching that 70's show, and working on some MCT Triathlon paperwork.

Some good updates: I've applied to BU's Graduate School. I am working on my resume and 2 letters of recommendation. In addition, I'm taking the GMAT's in late February. What fun! Wish me luck.

My workout:
All body Stick massage
All body Stretching

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Organized System - An Organized Life - Food

What is the easy truth behind America, and human nature? We look for the quick fix. As life gets quicker; birthdays, weddings, boyfriends, girlfriends, work, children, and more; we look for easier ways to do things that may not be good for the long run.

This theory works with food. In a simpler time you may have eaten healthier. It took patience and good thought. As time went on you decided a quick burger at Wendy's may help a craving for food as you drove to a meeting. You must develop systems to resist this from happening (as anyone gives in, my weakness is chocolate, and skittles). Instead of stopping by Wendy's for a burger, call a friend and ask them to make you get a salad and yogurt. Another suggestion, go to a 7/11. You can find a well balanced meal there: Cup of milk, trail mix, and a power bar. Better than a burger, right?

Let's skip a little in the future... After a while of falling out of your healthy routine at home you may seem to have the munchies. You go to grab a bowl of pretzels, salt and vinegar chips, and M&M's. Do you really need this "snack?" If you do, grab something else. How about a bowl of rice krispies, with a few baking chocolate chips, and a cup of milk. It may be the same amount of calories (maybe even more), but it won't be the dreaded "empty calories" we all worry about. The bowl of cereal will even fill you up more than the other "snack" would, preventing even more snacking.

If you want a few twizzlers, grab a sweet clementine instead. If you feel like a bowl of icecream, try yogurt, a few chocolate baking chips, and berries (Frozen triple berry blend from Sam's Club).

Substituting "snacks" for healthier snacks may not reduce your calorie intake in the short run, but it will do two things (as mentioned before):
1) Reduce "extra" snacking by filling you up with something more nutritious.
2) Introduce your body into a Nutritional Routine.

How to apply these tips to an Exercise Routine?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Race of the Season!!!

Herby Waterman 5k Winter Series Race #1

Pre-Season Jitters?
"I'm feeling sluggish," I thought the night before the race. Why? Coming out of Pre-Season into base training can be interesting. Pre-Season = Strength Training. You may feel strong coming out of Pre-Season but Beware! Your muscles have adapted to create high power and have released some of the Muscular Speed (ability to fire the muscles quickly) since the last racing season. Use the first race as a time-trail.

Race Plan
1st Mile - Go out Sub-5:30. I want to use a force cadence for the first mile. Keep relaxed and ignore freakish sprints from other racers.

2nd Mile- Hold Sub-11. I want to use a quick cadence for the second mile. Focus on finishing the second mile hard.

3rd Mile- Hold Sub- 16:45. I will be fatigued by this time. A mile in 5:45 should be possible. Change cadence to more force. (Between the first and second cadences).

Finish - 17:21. Do not sprint unless necessary to race against another racer. Prevent Injury.

Race Day
1st Mile - Went out 5:15.77. Felt good. Wind was treacherous.

2nd Mile - 5:47.29. Changed to quicker cadence. Not as fast as I would like it to be. The strength training has affected my speed. Faded and fought the wind and very small hill.

3rd Mile - 5:45.26. Felt a little better though my calves were slightly cramping.

Finish - 17:20.7. 2nd Place Finish.

Not a bad day. I need to work on that second mile. There was a study done years ago about going out a little faster in the first mile is actually beneficial and leads to faster times. I believe that, but I fade too much in the second mile. By the third I am coasting into the finish. If I can speed up the second, the third should naturally be faster. Not bad for being in pre-season. Next race in 2 weeks, 23-Jan. Herby Waterman Race #2.