Monday, January 24, 2011

Herby Waterman 5k Race #2

So It didn't go exactly as planned today. I was hoping to start off a nice 5:20 and then break 11 in the 2 mile. Not what happened... After taking a 5:20 first mile I went through the 2 in 11:05, 5:45 for the second. I felt good though! How could this happen? I'm theorizing I am weak with lactate threshold and muscular endurance. I must not be able to keep the high power the muscles give out. But then maybe I should work on a faster turnover rate to minimize ground impact? So many questions lie unanswered. So many questions left to be discovered.

On the other side my third mile time was 5:39 with more in my reserves to push. What is wrong with the second mile. My entire life has had trouble with the second mile time: trouble in the 2mile, 3000m, steeple, 5k, 10k. I've always had trouble with that second mile. I've started off fast, slow, perfect pace. It's always the same. I guess I should work on 2nd mile specific workouts to bound that hurdle.

So to cap off today

1st - 5:20
2nd - 5:45
3rd - 5:39
Finish - 17:16 - 2nd Place

NEXT UP: The January Freeze 10k in Binghamton, NY. Saturday January 29th, 2011.

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