Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at 118

So I am down at my Aunts for Christmas. She lives in West Hempstead, NY in Long Island. What an awesome time. We had a few aunts, a few uncles, a few cousins, and a few friends, all coming together. Liz yet again outdid herself with the Baking. She made Reese's peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip, and so many others, including an experimental mint chocolate chip icecream cake that turned out to be awesome.

Bella had a great time with her first Christmas in our family. She tried playing with the cats as she usually does and got hissed at. Bella just wants to play. Bella loved her presents; all of which were clearance stuffed animals. She has already taken apart the bone shaped one and has moved on to the christmas tree.

While we were opening gifts, Scout, one of the cats decided to come check out the paper and chew on the garbage bag strings. He encountered my traditional Hess Truck gift with a Truck and Race car. Hess Truck Kitty!

I got an awesome gift from my mother. A picture frame with GAWORS written with photographs. Take a look at the Gawors Picture Frame!

Below is the tradition of the Town of West Hempstead. The fire department drives Santa around on a fire truck with all the light and sirens going. Santa's truck is all decked out in multicolored christmas lights and looks spectacular. You'll also see my Uncle Gary waving the American flag for the brave firefighters.


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Monday, December 19, 2011

Fluffy Eggs Recipe

Fluffy Eggs Recipe
  1. Take 3 eggs, crack, and put 1 full egg and 2 whites into Pam sprayed frying pan.
  2. Keep flame Very Low
  3. Put a large pinch of finely shredded mozzarella cheese into eggs.
  4. Mix Cheese throughout egg whites WITHOUT breaking the yolk.
  5. Continue to mix, break, and scramble the egg WHITES as they become cooked.
  6. When whites still look wet but are cooked, break yolk and start to scramble into whites.
  7. Continue to STIR, cook, and scramble until desired wetness and dryness (I like my eggs on the wet side)
  8. Serve with multi-grain english muffin and mixed fruit.
  9. So Nutritious! So Flavorful!
The following recipe was taken from the MCT Triathlon Workout Website Wiki.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ultimate Stew

This is an ridiculously healthy and amazingly delicious stew. Take a look at the MCT TriathlonVideo!


  • Cabbage
  • 2 Green Peppers
  • 1 Green Zucchini
  • 2 Yellow Squash
  • 1 Butternut Squash
  • 1 Head of Garlic
  • 1 lb of Carrots
  • I head of Broccoli
  • 2 Heads of Celery
  • 3 White Potatoes
  • 4 Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 Larger carton of Mushrooms
  • 1 Large Can of Diced Tomatoes
  • 3 Yellow Onions
  • 1 Can of Chick Peas
  • 1 Can of Kidney Beans
  • 1 Can of Black Beans
  • 1 Can of Sweet Golden Corn
  • 1 Can of Sweet Peas
  • I Can of Water Chestnuts
  • 3 Cans of Lower Sodium Beef Broth
  • 2.5 lbs of Meat (sirloin tip)
  • 1 Medium Bag of Barley
  • To Your Liking
    • Salt
    • Garlic Pepper
    • Garlic Salt
    • Pepper
    • Italian Seasonings


  • Dice up all the Vegetables and Meat
  • Brown the Meat in the Pot
  • Throw in the rest of the Vegetables
  • Boil and cook the rest of the Barley separately
  • Keep low and Cook the stew on a low light for 4-5 hours - constantly stirring
  • Spice the Stew to your liking
Note: The Stew is going to taste bland on first making. Spice the stew somewhat excessively and to your liking. Find the Video at the WWW or Youtube.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

37 Haendel Christmas Party

There's only one word for the Christmas Party at 37 Haendal: Epic.

Snowflakes hanging from every Ceiling! These snowflakes ranged from basic cutouts to incredible designs of Christmas Trees, Presents, Bells, and Holly. There were talented snowflakes in the batch, and like we learn in elementary school, not one was identical to the other.

As for Steve's Labrecque's Wild Ride, there was some sweet decoration placed on the Band's equipment. The set list was tight, especially with Guest Trombonist, Drew Howard who stepped in for "Santa Wants to Know."

BURC once again did their Secret Santa and I must say, everyone outdid themselves for creative gifts! There were Legos, Nerf Guns, Aerobic Striptease : In the Bedroom with Carmen Electra, and even a Papaya! (What do you do with a Papaya, I have no idea, but what an awesome Gift!)

Other hits of the party included 6 Batches of Christmas Cakies, Beer Pong and a Christmas Keg! With over 70 attendees this was definitely an awesome End of Semester Christmas Party!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Garden City Turkey Trot - Turkey Heads and Jugglers!

So I was at the Garden City Turkey Trot today (Nov 25th) in Garden City, NY on Long Island. My cousin Katie and I decided to do a little pre-dinner warmup to get our stomach's ready for the massive food that we wanted to eat today. A brisk, yet beautiful, 52* November day.

There were so many cool things going on at the Garden City Rec Center. There were Turkey Heads! Several people who were wearing Fresh and Cooked turkey hats :-) Katie just kept smiling every time she saw them. I mean, Who can't smile when they see a cooked turkey on someone's head. Additionally, there was a Juggling Runner! He ran the whole 8k while Juggling 4 hackysacks! Game Over!

As for the Race. BURC's Gallagher from Garden City ran with me. We found each other at the starting line and took off. We stayed together until until about the 3 1/2 mile mark. But I must say, I am very proud of Gallagher's performance today. Damn good!

My splits were almost perfect...

1st Mile - 6:00
2nd Mile- 5:57
3rd Mile - 5:57
4th Mile - 6:07
5th Mile - 5:44

8K Total : 29:45 - 28th/3377

I say that 5:57 pace for 5 miles isn't bad for my second run in 3 weeks. It hurt but it felt good. I've have been taking completely off since the World Championships in Early November. I don't like this. I'm antsy but rest is good, so takin it slow. But had a lot of fun at the Garden City Turkey Trot today!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise by Liz Davies

Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise by Liz Davies

Regular exercise is vital for a person who enjoys good health and is especially important for a person suffering from cancer. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are many. Though the body of even a healthy person finds exercise stressful at first, the body adapts to that stress, becomes stronger and will work more efficiently over time. This is true, to an extent, for someone suffering from a systemic disease such as cancer.

Exercise helps oxygen and nutrients get into the body and also helps remove carbon dioxide and other waste products from the body, all of which are crucial to a cancer patient. This improves stamina and raises energy levels, which helps the patient better endure whatever treatment they’re undergoing for their disease.

Other benefits of exercise are stronger bones, ligaments and tendons, which lessens the chance of injury. Exercise lowers the resting heart rate, enlarges the arteries to the heart and strengthens the heart over all. It also lowers blood pressure, blood cholesterol and
triglyceride levels. At the same time, exercise raises levels of HDL, or the good cholesterol. Exercise improves immune function, which is also very important in the fight against cancer. Exercise also gets calcium into the bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. Nothing says that just because a person has cancer they can't contract other diseases or conditions. Exercise helps keep other maladies at bay, and so gives the body more energy to fight the cancer.

The cancer patient should choose an exercise that won’t overtax them and should consult their physician before they take on an exercise routine. Exercises can be any activity the patient enjoys, like dancing, gardening, golfing, swimming, tennis, housecleaning, jogging and even plain old walking. The best exercises are ones that keep the heart rate up.

Maybe even more important than what it does for the body, regular exercise also elevates the mood. Cancer patient are often subject to periods of depression, fear and worry and these unhappy states decrease with regular exercise. This is because, as studies show, exercise boosts mood-elevating substances called
endorphins. This effect is enhanced when the patient shares their exercise routine with other patients. It’s important that the cancer patient not be isolated, and exercising with others will make it easier to commit to a schedule. There are also other ways of sharing ideas with people who are going through the same things. Support groups are very popular and there are groups for many different types of cancers, even mesothelioma support groups.

Exercise proves to be very beneficial for cancer patients both physically and mentally. Exercise often promotes cancer patients to make other positive changes in their lives as well.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 ITU Long Course World Championships Article

My Experience! Thank you to the Time Herald-Record and Kevin Gleason!

Update: Tomorrow I will be having a Guest Blogger Liz Davies. Tune In!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 ITU Long Course World Championships

So I haven't written in a little while. And keep taking an interest in the Blog, soon there is going to be a Guest Writer! So keep in Tune!

But today I competed in the Long Course Triathlon World Championships. It was a great experience. I woke up at 5:30 except my body thought it was 8:30... Awesome Start!

My parents and I went down to T1 and the start of the Swim. I got out of the car and immediately was confronted by an ITU official. What now? What did I do? He said "I just want you to know that the swim has been cancelled." It turns out the water temperature was 53 degrees. Cold? Yes. But nothing crazy... The water temperature in the Keuka Triathlon that I traveled to with Adam was 55. Not too far off... Except the air temp at Keuka was 75 while Las Vegas was 39!!! Hypothermia!

So a time trial start in Numerical order. I was the ninth amateur to start. 5,4,3,2,1...GO! I started off well and felt great. Just another ride. By mile 10 I was leading the amateurs into Lake Mead State Park. On a few of the downhills I was passed by a few riders, but nothing serious. By mile 40 I was fatigued and breaking down. I had not been taking in any protein to repair and replenish the damage I was doing to me muscles. My aerobic capacity was superior, although my muscular system was breaking down. I forced myself to slow down so my body could repair itself. It could not withstand taking another 35 mile bike, AND 18 mile run beating at that intensity. I took it slow and easy throughout the next 20 miles which consisted of the "Three Sisters," 3 of the most intense hills of the race.

On the run I ran out of the gate nice and easy, nothing crazy. I picked up an two elite women who were going head to head and held on the them. They kept pushing back and forth, changing their leads. It was interesting to watch, and a good way to keep motivated. My legs were definitely hurting from the bike. The run course was one major hill! 4 loops... Run up hill for 3.75K, run downhill for 3.75K. It was intense but Incredible. All of the volunteers handing out the fuels were excited. The crowds were immense and cheering for all their respective countries. And the athletes were holding on. Some were stronger bikers and were holding off their competition from the front. Myself, I was catching up. I counted the numbers and figured out who was in my division and who I needed to beat. But the FIRST thing I did on the run course was eat a protein bar they were handing out at the aid stations. Within 5 minutes I felt stronger and lighter. Something I have learned and need to continue to do. Eat Protein during the race! (I already knew, but it slipped my mind). The finish was exciting, my mother handed me an American Flag which I held with me as I crossed the finish line. Go Team USA! (Run splits are below)

1- 6:11
2- 6:39
3- 7:05
4- 6:41
5- 6:21
6- 7:10
7- 7:44
8- 8:04
9- 6:52
10- 6:45
11- 7:29
12- 7:41
13- 7:24
Half Marathon Split - 1:32:45
14- 6:40
15- 7:10
16- 7:57
17- 8:02
Finish of 18.6 - 2:13:37

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pouring rain, are you wimpy?

As a Triathlete, even when its pouring rain I put on my shoes, or goggles and trudge out the door. (If I'm swimming I'm going to be soaking wet anyway.) But is enough, enough?

I'm in Binghamton right now with the remains from Hurricane Lee. It's pouring rain, the streets are flooded and you look like a drowned rat when you walk from your car to the house. Is there a limit to the amount of rain? Some say yes, some say no...

Sometimes its good to say "yes there is a limit." Sometimes it's not even raining that hard. As an athlete there is ALWAYS some weakness that can be worked on. Do a really good strength or power workout inside. Or do agility drills in the living room. Do isometric strength exercises across the couch, in a chair, or on the floor. If you live with somebody you may look like a complete idiot but that's OK! It'll keep you mentally strong rather than going out in the rain.

On the other hand, if you've been cooped up in the house for days and have neglected to train for a few days, gaining the courage to get out in the rain may be exactly what you need to get back into it. The next workout you do will feel light and easy. You may even have the greatest workout of your life in the rain. Go for it!

So it all depends on the situation. If you've been overtraining or are just mentally tired, try some indoor stuff. If you've been neglecting your workouts, fight the rain!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lake George Triathlon!

So the Lake George Triathlon went amazingly! That is... I FELT great. My times don't show the fastest my body theoretically could handle. 2:11, 25, 66, 37. The main good point about this race: Throughout the race I didn't feel horrible. I felt like I wanted to continue. I felt light on my feet and in the water. I felt strong. And yet... I could be faster.

Throughout the season I had been focusing on recovery, racing, quality workouts, and more recovery. Not the worst plan ever. But I had neglected my turnover, I had neglected my cadence, and I had neglected a natural efficiency skill that I took for granted. My muscular system could handle the high impact during the few races I did but I could not sustain a relatively low turnover rate over long-term training. After Age-Group nationals I switched to high cadence (and for swimming, efficiency) training. I felt my body jump start and knew I had done something correct. I shouldn't have overlooked this aspect of my training, but we all make mistakes. Hopefully I can gain some efficiency and speed for the ITU World Championships in November.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Inexspensive Ice Bath!

We all know that ice baths are good for you but we also know they're a pain in the butt. I've tried to find the easiest way to create an ice bath other the years.

Simplistic is Best!
I started with a garbage can from Home Depot, filling it with water from the hose and ice from the icemaker in the freezer. Using the garbage can came from the logic to not mess the bathroom IN the house. After realizing that using the bath wasn't that hard to clean (if you're patient after a workout) using the tub in the bathroom became slightly easier.

The Best Way to Make Ice!
The icemaker in the freezer never gives you enough ice, and when you do use it no one has any ice to use! It could overload the icemakers capacity for work and lead to an expensive fix. Instead I've experimented with different ice making techniques. After using the icemaker, I started filling Gallon Ziplock Freezer Bags. The bags weren't too expensive and were able to create lots of ice.

Unfortunately you had to be careful putting the un-frozen bags in the freezer and couldn't place anything on top of them. Also over time, the money would add up. I started then using Ziplock Containers. I could buy a large variety pack at Sam's Club cheeply. When you fill the containers, they can be stacked neatly in the freezer without worrying about dripping and opening everywhere. Even more important was the fact you could easily 'pop' the ice out of the container without much effort. This allows the container to be used over and over again without paying a lot to make ice.

Do it In a Logical Order!

After working out take a warm shower to wash yourself before the ice bath, for a few reasons. Being warm gives you more confidence to plunge into the cold depths. Also you'll be clean after the bath and you can go about your daily business without worrying about not using all the beneficial but "slow" effects of the ice bath by taking a shower to wash yourself. (For anyone who doesn't know, after icing allow the area to slowly warm up to gain the full benefits of the process.) Some suggest using Hydro-contrast therapy which includes ice-immersion to warm immersion and then back (always ending with ice-immersion) for full benefits. This requires a hotub or 2 bath setup and is obviously more work.

Take a look at for the scientific reasons behind ice baths.

All you need is a Tub, and Ziplock Containers! Quick recovery and feels great once you get used to it!

Make a Plan But Don't Be Made By That Plan!

So it's been a while since the last post. I may have already posted about the importance of a schedule before, but I cannot emphasize that enough. I used my summer creating a Triathlon Team, taking Classes, setting up a Textbook Selling Agency, training and traveling for competition and spending time with my parents, friends, and Sweetheart Dog. Unfortunately I didn't have a set schedule to do things. I proceeded day after day doing "what I felt" I'd like to do at that moment. I always had the next task on my mind, not allowing myself to function to my utmost efficiency. It was a whirlwind of papers, frustration, and angst (Though I really did enjoy spending time with those I saw).

Now that I'm back in school, I'm back on a schedule, and able to have set (yet flexible) times in which I do the tasks that need to get done. I feel lighter, and more energetic. I am still as happy that I was before (I take everything in life as a gift), but I'm less frustrated with tasks because I am able to take that first step of recovery, first click of athletic research, or write that first word on a blog. Set schedules are necessary. As the old BURC President David Malinowski once said "Make a Plan, But Don't Be Made By That Plan!"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Recovery Schedule

I've been focusing on recovery in the past few weeks. So what should i do? More hard workouts? Run Intervals? Swimming should be at the top of the top of the list. On Monday I start with the high school team (actually last Monday, but I transposed this late.) They're going to kick my ass back in swimming form. I'm at a much better place than I was a year ago. I've been swimming a lot so... I'll be swimming magnificently by Burlington. I need to continue to focus on cycling strength, very important... Those hills will suck the life out of you. I need to be much lighter for worlds in November. Breaking 150 would be ideal. Obviously I need to start a nutritional schedule. 500-700 calories less per day. Now that means strict dieting but I have to figure out what my body can do per day. Basic Metabolism, insulin spikes, efficient use of vitamins. Life water should help w/ the fact that vitamins and such. 30-40-30 on some days and 10-70-20 on others (give or take). These are either side of the spectrum. The day should fall in the middle of it using my "daily food" routines and also using things like grains, veggies, fruit, maltose sugars, HFCS sugars, and malodextrin carbs. Also need to pay attention to the GI index which plays a role. Proteins in the morning, Low GI foods in the evening, High HI foods after workouts. Other recovery methods are a must and are very important and must be utilized. Like self-massage, full massage, stretching, icing, heat, contrast hydrotherapy, anti-inflamatory drugs, insulin spikes, recovery workouts with quick recovery drinks, elevation therapy (gravity boots), lung (respiratory) stretching, capacity work, and hypoxic training. All these things need to work in conjunction and need to be evaluated as to how often? How Much? How cold? How hot? Don't forget compression therapy! Almost forgot that one. Zenzah's. Water (Lifewater) is the engine of all processes. Meditation could be another form of recovery, though this is closer to mental than physical recovery (which I believe have very close ties, so take it as you may).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mossman Sprint Triathlon at Calf Pasture Beach

4th Elite Male

I lost the podium finish by 10 seconds... A simple better T2 Transition. Though ran a strong run!

750m Swim, 20.2k Bike, 5k Mi Run

Swim- 11:55 -1:24/100yards

T1- 53 seconds
Bike- 32:13 -23.3 Mph
T2- 46 seconds
Run- 17:02 -5:29/Mile

The Mossman is a great race, fast bike course, though by the second loop everyone was out of the water so it got quite busy on the road. It was exciting to ride in a pack (for a few seconds).

23.3 MPH. Not bad considering. I was strong. I hope it reflects in the musselman next week. It was a more strategic race than all out, so to be relative to the Musselman the speed is quicker, though the Musselman has much more climb to it. It seems according to the power calculator that I'll do just what I did last year, though I don't believe that. I'm stronger than I was last year.

I'm thinking of buying a powermeter. It will allow me to pace properly.

I still have some weaknesses from Swim/Bike Transition. I tighten up when I first start pushing on the bike. Possible, I need to practice hard starts to learn those muscles to relax. Though I should warm up a bit more on the bike before the start. I felt some burning in the legs during the swim which is a pretty good indication of needing a proper warmup.

Though nutrition is good, had a slight ache in the stomach, probably due to the intensity of the race. It keeps the body from properly focusing on digesting the supplements.

My form is pretty good, swim lost a little form from weakness by the end but drafted on one person that seemed to go the same pace and also did a great start. Jumped right into the water without worry. First breath is the most difficult, first buoy is the most chaotic.

Regular breakfast was good. Eggs, oatmeal, strawberries, bananas.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pat Griskus Triathlon

What a day.

Bib Number.......201
Hotel Room........201
Unofficial Time..2:01 (Clock Time)

Actual Time 1:57:40

It started off as the foggiest day of the year. The air seemed cool and humid, yet comfortable as I started to pull on my wetsuit. All the other athletes around the transition area started mumbling as news that the swim was about to be canceled. Everyone looked puzzled, some; frightened. Others seemed joyed that their weakest leg was about to give them an edge in qualifying for Nationals. I on the other hand debated what this meant. I had been working on my swimming for months, although was still apprehensive about the chaos that always was at the start. I stood on the beach knowing that what was about to happen was beyond my control. I waited for the official announcement as the fog receded from across the lake. The officials were postponing the start of the race to allow the fog to life completely, but something unexpected decided to happen instead. The wind died down, and instead of allowing the sun burn off the foggy mist, the low cloud drifted back over Quassy Lake, pulling a mask over the eight neon orange buoys floating across the lake. The first turn was completely clouded from view while standing on the beach. After a fifteen minute delay, not an announcement but an option came over the loud speaker. "We have two solutions for today's race. We can start the race with a shortened swim course due to the fog on the horizon." A cheer came from the crowd knowing that a compromise was made. "Or we can skip the swim and start the race at transition 1 in time trial style." A series of "Boo's" echoed from the sea of lime green, white, and pink bathing caps. "A shortened swim it is." The officials herded the first wave of athletes into the corral. "10, 9, 8, 7." Excitement rose for the start of the race. "4, 3, 2, 1..." The horn sounded as 30-44 year old men dove into the lake and disappeared into the fog. My wave was herded, just as the first, counting every swimmer carefully. It was time to start the race.

Strong Efficient.
Unfortunately started in the back of the pack - lost time from that.

T1- :41
4th Fastest

Bike- 1:05:57

Fast Downhills - 43 Mph, great momentum
Strong first half
Upper and Lower Back fatigued - need to work longer rides
Chain Popped off at mile 20 - lost time

T2- 1:00
Need to work on slipping into shoes

Run- 36:58
12 seconds faster than last year
Inefficient-Fatigued from Bike
Need to work back strength and take off form

22nd Overall, 4th in Division

Qualified for the 2011 USAT Short Course National Championship

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pat griskus is approaching!

So the Pat Griskus Triathlon is approaching. The USAT Regional Championship. I think I'm ready for it. Last year I came out with 29:52, :45, 1:08:14, :51, 37:10. I had JUST scraped the last qualification spot for Nationals and came in 28th overall. My swim was virtually untrained, my bike was weak, the only thing slightly strong was the run which collapsed shortly after the race.

The way I've been training these past few months has taken me to new heights. I'm looking for a sub-26 swim, 1:02 bike, and sub-35 run. It's very possibly and feels likely. I'm looking to take top 10 and be quite competitive.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Always an Adventure in Middletown

So Shelby, Mike, and I went out last night after watching the first half of the NBA finals. Great Game. We went to poor Bobby's, a little hole in the wall, that was Completely deserted when we arrived. They had a couple beers, I had a water, and we kept watching the second half of the Heat and Mavs. 10 Lead changes, coming down to the last shot. Personality I'm happy Dallas won, now the finals have to go to at LEAST game 6 and it's been an incredible series. Some more people started coming in by this time, and we were all excited to watch the end of the game. When the buzzer sounded we packed it in and left. The sound of Pizza rang in our ears, lushish pizza. After driving by practically every pizza restaurant in Middletown we figured Domino's would be open. 11:59 heading down the finish of Wisner Avenue we saw the last of the pizza boys taking in the Domino pizza flags from outside. "Yo are you open?" "Nah, we just closed. You missed us by 2 minutes." I spun the car around and heading towards the gate of the parking lot. "YO!" We spun around looking for the voice that had called from across the lot. "You want a free pizza, its a little old, about an hour." We headed off, stunned, we had just come across a free pizza. Cheep beer, crazy game, free pizza. What else could you ask for?

Yesterday's Workout
Hour Bike
3 mile Run

I felt shot yesterday, first day back. My incision stayed closed but I think it may have been a little weakened. But it's holding its own.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Months Later

A lot has happened in two months. But we won't go there just yet. I have my doctors appointment in an hour and 15. The glass in my hip is now finally gone and he tells me whether my incision is strong enough to train with. Should be interesting.

Textbooks By "U" is going well. I have several interviews I must make. I need to update the estimates form, maybe JUST make a pickup form, or JUST make an interview form. And I have to put in the terms and conditions for the contracts, because the people are not employees, they are outside contractors called consultants. They get paid by project, and how well they market the project.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Missed a Few Days

So I've missed a few days. After coming home from Naples, taking care of the 171 contract, and going through my Aunts funeral things have settled slightly. Feelings still hurt, contracts still need to be fulfilled, and I'm still feeling weak from a long fatigue period but at least things have settled.

45 min Run -
4x800 - 2:38

1:10 Bike
10 min Interval
15 min Interval

60 min Swim
Kick Drills
25's all out - quick arms
50's all out
25's all out
100 @ 1:20


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Morning Workout
30 run (8 min with Bella)
40 Bike easy

Oatmeal Nuts raisins
Bagel w CC

Monday, April 4, 2011

Back in Ny

March 29th
30 Bike

30 Bike

30 Swim

60 Bike

April 1st
Hour Bike

30 Swim

22 Bike
22 Run

40 min Swim - Easy
100 Bike - Easy

Hour Run Fartlek - using new type of stride that is a little uncomfortable but due to the foreignness of it. Soon it'll make me much faster.

90 bike - easy with pushups and abs in between

4x(pushups and abs)

Monday, March 28, 2011

In Naples... what a wonderful place

What a wonderful place Naples Fl is...

March 25th
45 min run
45 min bike

March 26th
30 bike

March 27th
30 bike

75 bike

March 28th
50 run
50 bike (afternoon)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recovery Day

For U Dogz is going well. I'm writing down all the kichens in the Binghamton area that may have the most potential to use.

90 Min Easy Bike

60 swim

Roll with butter
bran 4 cereal w/ milk and strawberries

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Easy Endurance

I'm doing some easy endurance today. Yesterday's crazy run workout took a bit out of me but I'm holding together. I was going to run half this morning but its snowing and my shins hurt so I'm putting that on hold for the afternoon workout.

90 min Easy Bike


Bran 4 Cereal w/ milk
fluffy eggs
chicken salad
roast beef wrap
roll with butter
english muffins with butter
life water

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anaerobic stress

So I did some intervals today. Felt good. We're going to Florida in a couple of days and my mom's freaking out about packing as usual. So much fun. My calves are a little tight today from the workout. I need to use the calve compression socks. That will shape them up. Being relaxed, that is a skill I will be trying to accomplish in the coming months. I really enjoyed using my critical thinking brain today with the hot dog stand. It was wonderful to think again. I need to start doing that on a regular basis from now on. It's tough. Daring; just to have a schedule.

Run 68 min
12x200 w/ 1 min r
3x800 w/ 2 min r
6x400 w/ 2 min r

45 min swim

Fluffy Eggs
Cereal (bran 4 and oats and strawberries)
banana and strawberries with yogurt
toast and butter
string cheese
tuna w/ corn, mayo, pepper, cheese, celery, and carrots

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Week 3 Base 3

This is going to be a tough week before I get to florida...

90 min Bike
3x4,5,6x20 sec accelerations w/ 10 sec rest on 5:00

45 min run

3x20 - pushups, dips, abs (3- 2 min plank)
Leg Press
calve raises

60 min swim
lots of 40's
100 in 1:22 with new stroke

Bowls of Oats Clusters Cereal
fluffy eggs w corned beef
string cheese
progresso soup
peanut butter
bread and butter
hershy's bar
banana apple fruit and crisp rice

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recovering and coming back...

I'm exhausted. I woke up this morning at 7 and realized Bella was still asleep. Obviously I'm exhausted. I need to bring myself out of the rut. I've been rutted by something, too little stimulation inside and out. The trip to Florida will help me out a bit.

Hour Run
5x800 @ 3:00 (form 800's)
5x200 @ 35 (form 200's)
90 Easy Run

Eggs with potato corned beef
English muffins
fiber one bar
Wheaties fuel
Corned Beef Sandwich

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 15th, 2011

Morning Workout
60 min bike

4x25 pushups
4xabs - alt

Takin' it easy...

I was hurting yesterday. My lungs were very tight. They still are.

90 min Bike

Nuts and Fruit
Philly Cheese Stake
Motz Cheese Fries
Chinese Food

Monday, March 14, 2011

A surprise visit...

So the Skii's came over today for a surprise visit as they made their way up to Vermont to go skiing. It was nice to see them.

Registered for the Binghamton Bridge Half Marathon today. Some prize money in the pack. Maybe a 1:16 will be enough to take on some big boys.

Bought shoes last night, 2 more pairs of DS Trainers 15's! My shoes were waaaay over due.

Today I'll be picking my teams for the NCAA tourny. I may have to bet against Nova but even if they do beat George Mason in the first round the play first ranked Ohio State in the second round.

Today's Workout
Bike 90 Easy

4xab (planks, crunches, flutter kicks, leg lifts)
4x25 pushups
4x25 dips


Oatmeal with nuts and fruit
english muffins
fruit and yogurt

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrate Life Half Marathon 2011

I was well and ready for this race. The past few weeks my training had been amazing. I was turning over mile and half mile repeats. Hill sprints. Tempos. They were all feeling amazing.

Today not so much...

I warmed up nicely but felt very tight in some places, and felt as though I didn't exist in others. Part of my hamstrings were not responding. They felt as though they were numb from feeling. I couldn't keep proper form, I couldn't produce consistent power. It was just one of those days. A few days ago I could go out and run a 2400 in 9 min with graceful form and a feeling to keep going for miles. Today I couldn't even run the first 400 in good fashion. I felt tight. I felt weak. Just one of those days.

1st Mile - 5:55 - Perfect Split for what I can do but just didn't feel right. I felt as though I was off.
2nd Mile - 6:12 - I began to feel frustrated that I couldn't produce any power. My muscles tightened further and began to constrict my movement.
3rd Mile - 6:00 - I pushed harder hoping that I would break free from this feeling. It just became worse and by this time I already wanted to stop. I felt so uncomfortable.
4th Mile - 6:34 - There was a large hill which changed the position of producing force from the Muscles. During the hill I creeped to a mush slower. It was a great idea even though Andy pulled away. My muscles started relaxing but I still felt terrible.
5th Mile - 5:51 - Obviously I felt better, but a lot this make up time was due to the downhill net in this mile. I could work more of my muscles to their potential but they were still only working at 60%.
6th Mile - 6:05 - I was losing air. My windpipe was still tight from the tightening attack in the beginning of the race.
7th Mile - 6:19 - My chest slowely tightened and had an event like an asthma attack. I tried really hard to relax my breathing to allow for more air but nothing. I just worked with what I had.
8th Mile - 6:10 - I had put myself on auto-pilot. Just drown out what was going on and go.
9th Mile - 6:45 - I hit that hill again and was truly fatigued by the fight I was going through. I needed a slight breather on this hill. I wanted to stop. I was burning and just muscling my way through this race. It should be graceful, It should be relaxed.
10th Mile - 5:59 - Again a good downhill portion but the hill relaxed me once again to make another attack.
11th Mile - 6:21 - Just on Auto-Pilot again. Pushing through. Fighting the wind.
12th Mile - 6:25 - Struggling to make ends meet. I'm so close to the end.
13th Mile - 6:04 - Relaxed a bit more. It has been a difficult race.

Finish : 1:21:18 - A Personal Best

The time is hopeful. Even though my race was close to a disaster today, I felt strong. Even though I struggled and had to muscle my way through the race, I still broke last years graceful time by a full minute. It definitely gives me hope for the upcoming season.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prep for the Celebrate Life Half Marathon

So tomorrow is the Celebrate Life Half Marathon. It's time to get serious. Realistically I can pull off a sub-1:17. The winning time last year was 1:18:30. Time to go after the win.

Today's Workout
30 min Run
30 min Bike
Some fartlek to loosen up.

House Hunting

Took a look at a bunch of houses today. I love 4 College Ave (actually St.) and 171.5 Murray St. They're both rented and both gorgeous. Time to create an NPV profile and see where the profits are.

Business Trip

Took a business trip today. We woke up in a hotel room this morning and went for a good bike with Charlie. Ed and I took off and went to a few Rite Aids on the way to Middletown where I had a short lunch and took off for Binghamton for a Realty appointment. Time to look at some houses!

Today's Workout
Hour Bike
Pushups and Situps

Hour Swim

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big East Baketball

Going to Madison Square Garden today with Charlie, Ed, and Kevin. We WE'RE hoping to go and watch Nova play but they dropped the ball to USF. Now my girlfriend is an athlete from USF, but seriously, who loses to USF basketball in the first round of the Big East Tournament. But it'll be fun to go into the city and hang out with the guys.

Today's Workout
45 min Bike - Recovery

Fluffy Eggs
English Muffins
Mixed Fruit

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Start of a new Era...

So today was tough. Almost 4 hours of training, and a little cleaning on the side.

Today's Workout
1:30 Bike
2x5 min tempo
2x10 min tempo alternating with 5
10x min tempo with 30 sec hill

60 min run
8x800 @ 2:50 on 5 min

45 min row

Fluffy Eggs
Oatmeal w/ nuts and fruit
peanut butter sandwich
english muffins with butter
pancakes w syrup
fruit n yogurt
fruit for a snack

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Day back from Recovery

I just sold my Toyota today. I miss it already. It is a wonderful car with so many memories.

Today's Workout
30 min Run
6x150m wind sprint
45 min Bike
10x min tempo, 30 sec hill

Row 60 (6x10 min)
Between each row set 3xupper 3xlower
Shoulder Routine
Russian Squats
Hips and Groin
Should Press
Quad Extension
Back Extension
Tricep Extension
Fly Press
Hamstring Curl
Glute Extension
Leg Press

Fluffy Eggs
Yogurt Fruit n Nuts
Kidney Beans w/ creamed corn on Lettuce (Lettuce Wrap)
Chocolate Milk
Bread and Butter
Brown Rice
Fruit n Yogurt w/ Nuts

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Day of Recovery

My last day of the recovery week. We're going to a christening today. It'll be nice.

Today's Workout
60 min Easy

Fluffy Eggs
Yogurt Fruit n' Nut

Replenishing the Muscles...

Today was a light day. But I was excited that Bella had a play date today ;-)

Today's Workout
45 min Swim
...400 Warm
...5x40 Kick
...200 @ 3:06
...5x40 Pull
...200 @ 3:02
5x80 @ 1:25

Used Heed and Endurox for full recovery

Cheerios w/ milk
sweet potato
chicken teryaki subway
string cheese

Friday, March 4, 2011

Feelin' Good

So Binghamton Basketball... Advances to semi-finals crushing UMBC :-)

So Binghamton T&F... Congrats on Runner-Up position and Top performers :-)

It must be catching. I feel great. During my easy 45 min today I put out a 9 min 2400m without any effort and continued to put sub-3's for the 800m in a fartlek kind of way. I did not push myself. This week is a good recovery week, but you always need a little speed to stay fresh. The celebrate life half marathon is coming up next week and I hope I post a good time. I think I have a good shot at winning this half-marathon. Last year's time was 1:18:30 and I feel I'm a lot stronger than I was after training 43 days from my accident.

Bella is still hobbling around. The vet said that she may have lyme disease and that may be why one of her joints is acting up. They put her on medication so we'll see how she reacts to it. It comatose's her pretty well throughout the day. Ironically Doxy-cycline (spelling?) is the same anti-biotic I was put on during the emergency surgery on my clavicle. I feel like Bella and I have something in common. :p

Today's Workout
45 min Run - Easy fartlek
45 min Bike - Easy

Full Body Stretch

String Cheese
Oatmeal with nuts and fruit
toast with butter
meatloaf burgers

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stretching Day...

I need to do some good stretching today. I've been blah (well relaxed), which I guess I need. I need for my nervous system to rejuvenate itself. But stretching will be good, especially my lungs. My lungs are a bit tight. I feel once I rest this week, my body will be strong for the half marathon at the end of next week.

Today's Workout
Morning 45 min bike easy

Swim 45 min Swim

Full Body Stretch
Full Body Stick Self-Massage

Corn Chex Cereal w/ milk (drank a little chocolate milk with what milk was left over in the bowl)
Life Water

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recovery Week...

Finished my realty packet to check out some of the houses in Binghamton. Now I just need to decide on a Co-Signer because New York state doesn't believe I won't default on my payments. Lovely.

Today's Workout
45 min Run
...Fartlek 2x800 - 2:52, 2:45

45 min Swim
...400 Warm
...5x40 Kick
...200 Free @ 2:50
...5x40 Pull
...2x100 Free @ 1:24, 1:24
...5x40 @ 30,29,29,28,27

Peanut Butter sandwich
Toast w/ Butter
String Cheese
Salt and Vinegar Chip with Pretzals
Chocolate Milk
Sweet Potato
Fruit and Nut
Fruit with yogurt
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home for the Day

Finally got home from Binghamton after investor searching. I hope to get this real estate process moving. I like the idea of getting 2 smaller homes for cheap rather than 1 larger home for a lot. Makes sense to me with the big rental market there and if consumers become more confident in the future they will want to buy small and conservatively rather than elaborately.

Today's Workout
90 min Easy Bike

Bagel with CC
Apple Sauce
McDonalds - 4 chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, small fry, with a fruit smootie (yeah don't judge me)
string cheese
my mother's chile w rice
bagel with butter
chocolate milk

Real Estate

So I'm working my way through the real estate process. We'll see! But this is my recovery week so I'm taking it light :-)

Today's Workout
45 min Swim
.....Kicking Drills
.....2x100 yd Free in 2 min
.....2x100 yd IM in 2:30
.....10x25 sprints on 1:00

Endurance Day!

For Sunday February 27th, 2011

Today's Workout
30 min Swim
90 min Bike
.....@ 156 BPM
90 min Run
.....@ 166 BPM
45 min Swim
....Lots of People, so drills and some sprints

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fatigued Day - Write a Personal Statement

I was extremely fatigued today. I Just ran 35 min to loosen up but I wrote an awesome Personal Statement for my Grad School Application.

To the Binghamton University Graduate Admissions Office:

February 26th, 2011

Personal Statement

I applied to the Binghamton University graduate Masters program in Business Administration for the Fall of 2011. I attended Binghamton University as an undergraduate majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I graduated Magna Cum Laude on December 12th, 2010 with a cumulative index of 3.822.

I have a natural ability to lead and have a passion to create ideas, and potential through the use of strategic decisions. I want to exercise my talents in one of the most prestigious programs in the country. Graduate studies at Binghamton will enhance not only my classroom knowledge, but will give me a chance to practice management and leadership skills in a hands on environment. I dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and Binghamton’s MBA program will help me in my goals.

After graduation I will recognize and execute the most valuable opportunities within my reach. I have several business proposals that I want to implement in the near future. I would like to compete as a Professional Triathlete. I am competing in the 2011 ITU Long Course World Championships which brings me closer to my vision. I also have a liking for teaching. Coaching is another viable option. I am trained in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle which I can pass onto others, through life-triathlon- and college sports coaching. I have other visions of maintaining a real estate renting venture, and creating an Advertising business through use of a Triathlon Team - MCT Triathlon. My landscaping and snow removal company, which I began as a 5th grader, still continues to this day showing evidence that I can excel in the business field.

My greatest feat in recognizing an opportunity was in the Fall of 2009. My resume shows 6 W’s on my final transcript. On September 10th, I had been cycling on Vestal Parkway when I was struck by a mini-van coming from the opposite direction. I sustained a punctured lung, broken ribs, and a shattered clavicle. After spending 3 days in the ICU at Wilson Memorial, I withdrew from the semester. I was upset and felt defeated. This had never been part of my plan to graduate, and start my life. After the first of three surgeries on my clavicle, I started realizing the potential of what had happened. I was given the opportunity to sit back and observe the world for what it was. I was able to spend time with my family, a luxury I never had due to my hectic morning to night schedules throughout middle and high school. Although I was temporarily set back physically, I became a stronger and more efficient athlete. My accident gave me the opportunity to restart and direct my life on a more successful path.

Along with being an athlete I am an active member in my community. I am an Eagle Scout and enjoy helping other scouts grow physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. I belong to Sigma Alpha Pi: The National Society of Leadership and Success as well as The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Binghamton Chapters. I am the Coach and former President of the Binghamton University Running Club. While managing, the club grew from 20 members to over 150 active members. My goal is to create a family like social network throughout the club to promote academic, physical, and social strength in a positive atmosphere.

I enclosed two references from my former professors, Thomas Kelly and Angelo Mastrangelo, my transcript, and my resume. I am choosing Binghamton University for my Master’s level studies based on my experience as an undergraduate at Binghamton. I found my studies and the faculty outstanding. I find myself at home in the Binghamton community. I have a strong self-motivation and commitment to any task or project I undertake. If given the chance I will excel in your program and contribute a positive atmosphere and experience to the graduate MBA program at Binghamton University.

Today's Workout
35 min Run

Honey Nut Cheerios w/ milk
Eggs on a Whole Wheat
Chocolate Milk
Fruit Bowl
Bread w/ butter
Dark Chocolate