Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anaerobic stress

So I did some intervals today. Felt good. We're going to Florida in a couple of days and my mom's freaking out about packing as usual. So much fun. My calves are a little tight today from the workout. I need to use the calve compression socks. That will shape them up. Being relaxed, that is a skill I will be trying to accomplish in the coming months. I really enjoyed using my critical thinking brain today with the hot dog stand. It was wonderful to think again. I need to start doing that on a regular basis from now on. It's tough. Daring; just to have a schedule.

Run 68 min
12x200 w/ 1 min r
3x800 w/ 2 min r
6x400 w/ 2 min r

45 min swim

Fluffy Eggs
Cereal (bran 4 and oats and strawberries)
banana and strawberries with yogurt
toast and butter
string cheese
tuna w/ corn, mayo, pepper, cheese, celery, and carrots

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