Friday, July 15, 2011

Recovery Schedule

I've been focusing on recovery in the past few weeks. So what should i do? More hard workouts? Run Intervals? Swimming should be at the top of the top of the list. On Monday I start with the high school team (actually last Monday, but I transposed this late.) They're going to kick my ass back in swimming form. I'm at a much better place than I was a year ago. I've been swimming a lot so... I'll be swimming magnificently by Burlington. I need to continue to focus on cycling strength, very important... Those hills will suck the life out of you. I need to be much lighter for worlds in November. Breaking 150 would be ideal. Obviously I need to start a nutritional schedule. 500-700 calories less per day. Now that means strict dieting but I have to figure out what my body can do per day. Basic Metabolism, insulin spikes, efficient use of vitamins. Life water should help w/ the fact that vitamins and such. 30-40-30 on some days and 10-70-20 on others (give or take). These are either side of the spectrum. The day should fall in the middle of it using my "daily food" routines and also using things like grains, veggies, fruit, maltose sugars, HFCS sugars, and malodextrin carbs. Also need to pay attention to the GI index which plays a role. Proteins in the morning, Low GI foods in the evening, High HI foods after workouts. Other recovery methods are a must and are very important and must be utilized. Like self-massage, full massage, stretching, icing, heat, contrast hydrotherapy, anti-inflamatory drugs, insulin spikes, recovery workouts with quick recovery drinks, elevation therapy (gravity boots), lung (respiratory) stretching, capacity work, and hypoxic training. All these things need to work in conjunction and need to be evaluated as to how often? How Much? How cold? How hot? Don't forget compression therapy! Almost forgot that one. Zenzah's. Water (Lifewater) is the engine of all processes. Meditation could be another form of recovery, though this is closer to mental than physical recovery (which I believe have very close ties, so take it as you may).


  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs are not a recovery technique! Do not use them for training purposes! They may mask pain, but that will just make you more vulnerable to overtraining. Also, inflammation is your body's natural response to the training...that inflammation is a part of the healing process, and getting rid of it will simply reduce the amount of improvement you get from training.

  2. ya, they hinder performance alongside decreasing training benefits. only use that for a serious (acute) injury... there is empirical data showing detrimental effects of nsaids when they arent needed.

  3. Thank you Anonymous Posters for more detail on that!

    Absolutely! Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs once a "whatever" ever! The last time I took any painkillers of a sort was after I was hit by a car cycling and needed them for after surgery. But using them for a servilely-(spelling?) sprained and puffed ankle will help slightly. I like to stick to Ice Baths for recovery.

    My fault for not putting detail about that in the post, I more made it an outline. Thank you for your comments and clarity! (And sorry for the late reply...)