Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mossman Sprint Triathlon at Calf Pasture Beach

4th Elite Male

I lost the podium finish by 10 seconds... A simple better T2 Transition. Though ran a strong run!

750m Swim, 20.2k Bike, 5k Mi Run

Swim- 11:55 -1:24/100yards

T1- 53 seconds
Bike- 32:13 -23.3 Mph
T2- 46 seconds
Run- 17:02 -5:29/Mile

The Mossman is a great race, fast bike course, though by the second loop everyone was out of the water so it got quite busy on the road. It was exciting to ride in a pack (for a few seconds).

23.3 MPH. Not bad considering. I was strong. I hope it reflects in the musselman next week. It was a more strategic race than all out, so to be relative to the Musselman the speed is quicker, though the Musselman has much more climb to it. It seems according to the power calculator that I'll do just what I did last year, though I don't believe that. I'm stronger than I was last year.

I'm thinking of buying a powermeter. It will allow me to pace properly.

I still have some weaknesses from Swim/Bike Transition. I tighten up when I first start pushing on the bike. Possible, I need to practice hard starts to learn those muscles to relax. Though I should warm up a bit more on the bike before the start. I felt some burning in the legs during the swim which is a pretty good indication of needing a proper warmup.

Though nutrition is good, had a slight ache in the stomach, probably due to the intensity of the race. It keeps the body from properly focusing on digesting the supplements.

My form is pretty good, swim lost a little form from weakness by the end but drafted on one person that seemed to go the same pace and also did a great start. Jumped right into the water without worry. First breath is the most difficult, first buoy is the most chaotic.

Regular breakfast was good. Eggs, oatmeal, strawberries, bananas.

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