Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pat Griskus Triathlon

What a day.

Bib Number.......201
Hotel Room........201
Unofficial Time..2:01 (Clock Time)

Actual Time 1:57:40

It started off as the foggiest day of the year. The air seemed cool and humid, yet comfortable as I started to pull on my wetsuit. All the other athletes around the transition area started mumbling as news that the swim was about to be canceled. Everyone looked puzzled, some; frightened. Others seemed joyed that their weakest leg was about to give them an edge in qualifying for Nationals. I on the other hand debated what this meant. I had been working on my swimming for months, although was still apprehensive about the chaos that always was at the start. I stood on the beach knowing that what was about to happen was beyond my control. I waited for the official announcement as the fog receded from across the lake. The officials were postponing the start of the race to allow the fog to life completely, but something unexpected decided to happen instead. The wind died down, and instead of allowing the sun burn off the foggy mist, the low cloud drifted back over Quassy Lake, pulling a mask over the eight neon orange buoys floating across the lake. The first turn was completely clouded from view while standing on the beach. After a fifteen minute delay, not an announcement but an option came over the loud speaker. "We have two solutions for today's race. We can start the race with a shortened swim course due to the fog on the horizon." A cheer came from the crowd knowing that a compromise was made. "Or we can skip the swim and start the race at transition 1 in time trial style." A series of "Boo's" echoed from the sea of lime green, white, and pink bathing caps. "A shortened swim it is." The officials herded the first wave of athletes into the corral. "10, 9, 8, 7." Excitement rose for the start of the race. "4, 3, 2, 1..." The horn sounded as 30-44 year old men dove into the lake and disappeared into the fog. My wave was herded, just as the first, counting every swimmer carefully. It was time to start the race.

Strong Efficient.
Unfortunately started in the back of the pack - lost time from that.

T1- :41
4th Fastest

Bike- 1:05:57

Fast Downhills - 43 Mph, great momentum
Strong first half
Upper and Lower Back fatigued - need to work longer rides
Chain Popped off at mile 20 - lost time

T2- 1:00
Need to work on slipping into shoes

Run- 36:58
12 seconds faster than last year
Inefficient-Fatigued from Bike
Need to work back strength and take off form

22nd Overall, 4th in Division

Qualified for the 2011 USAT Short Course National Championship

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