Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Always an Adventure in Middletown

So Shelby, Mike, and I went out last night after watching the first half of the NBA finals. Great Game. We went to poor Bobby's, a little hole in the wall, that was Completely deserted when we arrived. They had a couple beers, I had a water, and we kept watching the second half of the Heat and Mavs. 10 Lead changes, coming down to the last shot. Personality I'm happy Dallas won, now the finals have to go to at LEAST game 6 and it's been an incredible series. Some more people started coming in by this time, and we were all excited to watch the end of the game. When the buzzer sounded we packed it in and left. The sound of Pizza rang in our ears, lushish pizza. After driving by practically every pizza restaurant in Middletown we figured Domino's would be open. 11:59 heading down the finish of Wisner Avenue we saw the last of the pizza boys taking in the Domino pizza flags from outside. "Yo are you open?" "Nah, we just closed. You missed us by 2 minutes." I spun the car around and heading towards the gate of the parking lot. "YO!" We spun around looking for the voice that had called from across the lot. "You want a free pizza, its a little old, about an hour." We headed off, stunned, we had just come across a free pizza. Cheep beer, crazy game, free pizza. What else could you ask for?

Yesterday's Workout
Hour Bike
3 mile Run

I felt shot yesterday, first day back. My incision stayed closed but I think it may have been a little weakened. But it's holding its own.

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