Wednesday, December 14, 2011

37 Haendel Christmas Party

There's only one word for the Christmas Party at 37 Haendal: Epic.

Snowflakes hanging from every Ceiling! These snowflakes ranged from basic cutouts to incredible designs of Christmas Trees, Presents, Bells, and Holly. There were talented snowflakes in the batch, and like we learn in elementary school, not one was identical to the other.

As for Steve's Labrecque's Wild Ride, there was some sweet decoration placed on the Band's equipment. The set list was tight, especially with Guest Trombonist, Drew Howard who stepped in for "Santa Wants to Know."

BURC once again did their Secret Santa and I must say, everyone outdid themselves for creative gifts! There were Legos, Nerf Guns, Aerobic Striptease : In the Bedroom with Carmen Electra, and even a Papaya! (What do you do with a Papaya, I have no idea, but what an awesome Gift!)

Other hits of the party included 6 Batches of Christmas Cakies, Beer Pong and a Christmas Keg! With over 70 attendees this was definitely an awesome End of Semester Christmas Party!

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