Friday, November 25, 2011

Garden City Turkey Trot - Turkey Heads and Jugglers!

So I was at the Garden City Turkey Trot today (Nov 25th) in Garden City, NY on Long Island. My cousin Katie and I decided to do a little pre-dinner warmup to get our stomach's ready for the massive food that we wanted to eat today. A brisk, yet beautiful, 52* November day.

There were so many cool things going on at the Garden City Rec Center. There were Turkey Heads! Several people who were wearing Fresh and Cooked turkey hats :-) Katie just kept smiling every time she saw them. I mean, Who can't smile when they see a cooked turkey on someone's head. Additionally, there was a Juggling Runner! He ran the whole 8k while Juggling 4 hackysacks! Game Over!

As for the Race. BURC's Gallagher from Garden City ran with me. We found each other at the starting line and took off. We stayed together until until about the 3 1/2 mile mark. But I must say, I am very proud of Gallagher's performance today. Damn good!

My splits were almost perfect...

1st Mile - 6:00
2nd Mile- 5:57
3rd Mile - 5:57
4th Mile - 6:07
5th Mile - 5:44

8K Total : 29:45 - 28th/3377

I say that 5:57 pace for 5 miles isn't bad for my second run in 3 weeks. It hurt but it felt good. I've have been taking completely off since the World Championships in Early November. I don't like this. I'm antsy but rest is good, so takin it slow. But had a lot of fun at the Garden City Turkey Trot today!

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