Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 ITU Long Course World Championships

So I haven't written in a little while. And keep taking an interest in the Blog, soon there is going to be a Guest Writer! So keep in Tune!

But today I competed in the Long Course Triathlon World Championships. It was a great experience. I woke up at 5:30 except my body thought it was 8:30... Awesome Start!

My parents and I went down to T1 and the start of the Swim. I got out of the car and immediately was confronted by an ITU official. What now? What did I do? He said "I just want you to know that the swim has been cancelled." It turns out the water temperature was 53 degrees. Cold? Yes. But nothing crazy... The water temperature in the Keuka Triathlon that I traveled to with Adam was 55. Not too far off... Except the air temp at Keuka was 75 while Las Vegas was 39!!! Hypothermia!

So a time trial start in Numerical order. I was the ninth amateur to start. 5,4,3,2,1...GO! I started off well and felt great. Just another ride. By mile 10 I was leading the amateurs into Lake Mead State Park. On a few of the downhills I was passed by a few riders, but nothing serious. By mile 40 I was fatigued and breaking down. I had not been taking in any protein to repair and replenish the damage I was doing to me muscles. My aerobic capacity was superior, although my muscular system was breaking down. I forced myself to slow down so my body could repair itself. It could not withstand taking another 35 mile bike, AND 18 mile run beating at that intensity. I took it slow and easy throughout the next 20 miles which consisted of the "Three Sisters," 3 of the most intense hills of the race.

On the run I ran out of the gate nice and easy, nothing crazy. I picked up an two elite women who were going head to head and held on the them. They kept pushing back and forth, changing their leads. It was interesting to watch, and a good way to keep motivated. My legs were definitely hurting from the bike. The run course was one major hill! 4 loops... Run up hill for 3.75K, run downhill for 3.75K. It was intense but Incredible. All of the volunteers handing out the fuels were excited. The crowds were immense and cheering for all their respective countries. And the athletes were holding on. Some were stronger bikers and were holding off their competition from the front. Myself, I was catching up. I counted the numbers and figured out who was in my division and who I needed to beat. But the FIRST thing I did on the run course was eat a protein bar they were handing out at the aid stations. Within 5 minutes I felt stronger and lighter. Something I have learned and need to continue to do. Eat Protein during the race! (I already knew, but it slipped my mind). The finish was exciting, my mother handed me an American Flag which I held with me as I crossed the finish line. Go Team USA! (Run splits are below)

1- 6:11
2- 6:39
3- 7:05
4- 6:41
5- 6:21
6- 7:10
7- 7:44
8- 8:04
9- 6:52
10- 6:45
11- 7:29
12- 7:41
13- 7:24
Half Marathon Split - 1:32:45
14- 6:40
15- 7:10
16- 7:57
17- 8:02
Finish of 18.6 - 2:13:37

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