Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lake George Triathlon!

So the Lake George Triathlon went amazingly! That is... I FELT great. My times don't show the fastest my body theoretically could handle. 2:11, 25, 66, 37. The main good point about this race: Throughout the race I didn't feel horrible. I felt like I wanted to continue. I felt light on my feet and in the water. I felt strong. And yet... I could be faster.

Throughout the season I had been focusing on recovery, racing, quality workouts, and more recovery. Not the worst plan ever. But I had neglected my turnover, I had neglected my cadence, and I had neglected a natural efficiency skill that I took for granted. My muscular system could handle the high impact during the few races I did but I could not sustain a relatively low turnover rate over long-term training. After Age-Group nationals I switched to high cadence (and for swimming, efficiency) training. I felt my body jump start and knew I had done something correct. I shouldn't have overlooked this aspect of my training, but we all make mistakes. Hopefully I can gain some efficiency and speed for the ITU World Championships in November.

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