Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sickness

So I've started a wild day in order to start my training blog. Yesterday night I became sick with the stomach flu. Doubled over in the bathroom I was terrified to throw up (As it is my one biggest fear). I had had a great recovery hour ride Saturday and was excited for the 4 hour workout today: 90 min bike and 2:30 ride- A good endurance workout. Obviously that workout today didn't happen. All I was doing was chillin' out in my PJ's, watching that 70's show, and working on some MCT Triathlon paperwork.

Some good updates: I've applied to BU's Graduate School. I am working on my resume and 2 letters of recommendation. In addition, I'm taking the GMAT's in late February. What fun! Wish me luck.

My workout:
All body Stick massage
All body Stretching

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