Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pre-Racing Herby Waterman 5k

Fun. Today I finished cleaning the Tool Shelf. I felt a little groggy so took a rest reading some of my GMAT prep book. Finally I took the initiative to strap on my winter running suit and head out the door. It's one of those moments in winter where even the most mentally prepared eskimo wants to be in Florida on a beach in Naples. Fr-idged temperatures. Though with my suit it wasn't too bad. What was having trouble today was my shin. I'm battling shin splints. Tight shin muscles mostly. Hopefully my race goes well tomorrow. It should.

I'm not worrying about how quickly I finish tomorrow. I am focusing on the first and second miles tomorrow. First mile, 5:20. Second mile, 5:30. If anything I need to focus on breaking 11 in the 2 mile. I cannot get stuck for the rest of the season with a problem in the second mile of my races.

Today's Workout

30 min Run, light with 2 strides
1:00 Bike, light

Full Body Stretch
Lung Expansion Exercises

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