Monday, January 10, 2011

An Organized System - An Organized Life - Food

What is the easy truth behind America, and human nature? We look for the quick fix. As life gets quicker; birthdays, weddings, boyfriends, girlfriends, work, children, and more; we look for easier ways to do things that may not be good for the long run.

This theory works with food. In a simpler time you may have eaten healthier. It took patience and good thought. As time went on you decided a quick burger at Wendy's may help a craving for food as you drove to a meeting. You must develop systems to resist this from happening (as anyone gives in, my weakness is chocolate, and skittles). Instead of stopping by Wendy's for a burger, call a friend and ask them to make you get a salad and yogurt. Another suggestion, go to a 7/11. You can find a well balanced meal there: Cup of milk, trail mix, and a power bar. Better than a burger, right?

Let's skip a little in the future... After a while of falling out of your healthy routine at home you may seem to have the munchies. You go to grab a bowl of pretzels, salt and vinegar chips, and M&M's. Do you really need this "snack?" If you do, grab something else. How about a bowl of rice krispies, with a few baking chocolate chips, and a cup of milk. It may be the same amount of calories (maybe even more), but it won't be the dreaded "empty calories" we all worry about. The bowl of cereal will even fill you up more than the other "snack" would, preventing even more snacking.

If you want a few twizzlers, grab a sweet clementine instead. If you feel like a bowl of icecream, try yogurt, a few chocolate baking chips, and berries (Frozen triple berry blend from Sam's Club).

Substituting "snacks" for healthier snacks may not reduce your calorie intake in the short run, but it will do two things (as mentioned before):
1) Reduce "extra" snacking by filling you up with something more nutritious.
2) Introduce your body into a Nutritional Routine.

How to apply these tips to an Exercise Routine?

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