Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Forth of July Traveling Workouts Special!

Imagine, it's July 4th, 7am, and you're getting ready for a 2 hour ride to the lake... Boat rides, grilling, family, fireworks, swimming, and another 2 hour ride back home.  After unpacking, getting ready for bed, and work the following day, you're left with no room to get in a good workout.  The day sounds very exciting but you may be left with anxiety to get in a good workout.

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The car (on the highway) is a Great place to get in a good workout to feel accomplished and anxiety free.  You'll even feel amazing by the time you reach your destination.  The small exercises you can do while traveling limber anyone up and keep the blood moving.  Take a look at the July 4th Video Special on Traveling Workouts!

Check out the workout below for exceptional ideas to keeping limber during a long trip.

An Example Traveling Workout (From the MCT Triathlon Training Log)

  • 2x2min Wall Sits w/ min r (Lift your butt and keep your back on the seat)
  • 1x1min Front Shoulder Hang (Lift ankle weights hands down)
  • 1x1min Reversed Front Shoulder Hang (Lift ankle weights hands up)
  • 1x1min Twisted Front Shoulder Hang (Lift ankle weight thumbs down)
  • 1x1min Tricep Extensions (Theraband or behind head w/ weight)
  • 2x2min Leg Circles w/ min rest (Lift legs and rotate in circular motion)
  • 1x1min Hamstring Hold (switch with both legs) (place heel into floor with one leg and basically do a wall sit)
  • 1x2min Calve Raises (Lift your Calves)
  • 1x2min Shin Raises (Lift your toes)
  • 1x1min Seated Crunches (Contract your abs)
  • 1x1min Seat Press (Connect Resistance Band around seat and use bench press movement) 

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