Friday, June 29, 2012

The Healthy Way to a Birthday!

No artificial sweeteners, no ridiculous amounts of table sugar, no upset stomach after eating the entire gift... A Fruit Gift Basket!  What a great gift to give someone (not to mention inexpensive when you go about it the right way).  Weight loss, fitness, and health are on the front of many people's minds today.  When birthdays and holidays come around, many feel the guilt trip when they receive an endless supply of strawberry infused vanilla cake or a box of Hersey's Deluxe Chocolates.  Substituting cakes and presents with fruit may be the right way to go with someone watching their weight, or trying to be healthy.  Here is a checklist on how to go about making someone's Birthday a healthy one.

Looking for a Present? A Fruit Basket is Beautiful!
Not only is a fruit basket healthy, but when set up properly can show love, care, and thoughtfulness.  Below is a photograph of part the fruit basket I gave my father for his Birthday.  It may look expensive but shop around town.  You may be surprised by some of the prices.  I shopped for this basket at a place called Middletown Farms, all fresh produce and inexpensive.
Fruit Gift Basket by MCT Triathlon - The Healthy Alternative to a Birthday Present
Homemade Fruit Basket - Great for Any Occasion
  • 2 Bosc Pears @ $0.79lb
  • 3 Peaches @ $0.99lb
  • 2 Cameo Apples @ $0.79lb
  • 3 Kiwi's @ $0.20 each
  • 1 Cantalope @ $1.00 each
  • 1 Pineapple @ $2.00 each
  • 3 Plums @ $0.79lb
  • 1 Mango @ $0.40 each
  • 1 Banana @ $0.40lb
 The Entire Bill : $8.18
What a great gift!

Fruitday Cake 
What about the birthday cake with all the high amounts of sugar?  You may want to settle on a smaller sugar cake and substitute in for a Fruitday Cake!  A great way to do this is by buying a fruit sampler from a local grocery store.  (I use Shoprite.  Tip:  Find out when the "manager's special" is.  Stores usually mark down their fruit samplers 50% off for quick sale.  The Shoprite near me usually marks down at 9am).  Now there are several alternatives you can choose at this point.

Fruitday Birthday Cake by MCT Triathlon - The Healthy Alternative to Birthday Cake
Fruitday Cake
  • Stick a candle in the fruit plate and Sing Happy Birthday! (Healthiest Option)
  • Remove the fruit and wash the plate.  Place a homemade crust on the bottom (Cheerios and Granola with a little bit of Natural Peanut Butter is a good option.)
  • Place a Graham Cracker Crust under the Fruit - Hey, it's your Birthday, you have to indulge a Little!
 The Entire Bill : $6.47
What a great cake!

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