Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate Milk as Recovery - Beginner Triathlete Forum

**There were several other threads in the forum...

mrheathen - 2011-02-11 12:39 PM There have been similar threads in the past, and I think they can be summed up thusly:

I like using ovaltine instead of plain old syrup, because I can fool myself into thinking it has some more nutrients in it.

Wonderful! It tastes amazing and does have more nutrients :-) I feel it mixes in with the milk better than syrup. I tried the chocolate malt one day and it was alright, though I prefer their chocolate mix.

I do enjoy recovery drinks (especially Endurox R4 Lemon Lime). I feel they work really well with the body because its something different the body doesn't usually see. I only have it once a week so my body doesn't get used to it too much that it becomes ineffective. (I found that with Heed, I started using it during workouts and felt AMAZING and so used it all the time and started noticing the effects weren't as potent so I started using it just once or twice a week and during races.) So all my other workouts are great with a pour of the milk jug, especially if I cannot find an Orange or other piece of fruit.

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