Monday, February 21, 2011

Racing Herby Waterman 5k #4

The race went well. Andy went out fast. Probably 2:30 or faster for the first half. I finished my mile at 5:12, Andy 5:08. It was fast but it didn't drain me too much. The second mile is always a hard one in this course. 5:39. 10:51. At least I broke 11 for the 2 mile. If I keep that up it'll be good for the season. Last mile 5:38. 16:30. I felt good. I noticed I was slightly fatigued. I did have 2 hard workouts during the week that could drain me. Tuesday's bike and Thursday's run. Finally my finish was 17:02. Close to breaking 17. Though I'm not worried about the 5k. I had much more in me to go for a few more miles at 5:40 so hopefully a sub-35 10k will be in my future.

Today's Workout
Herby Waterman 5k Winter Series Race #4 - 17:02

Bike Hour
2x10 min tempos w/ 20 min between - warm and cool

Full Body Stretch

Cereal w/ banana
Eggplant Lasagna
Sunshine Sandwiches
Apple n' Peanut Butter
Beef Stew w/ rice
Toast and Butter
String Cheese

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