Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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What type of strength training should I do?

**Reply from Gawors
Lifting is an interesting and tricky thing. I train between 28-35 hours per week and I like when strength training is developed. What you are doing right now is full muscular strength (moderate-heavy, 7-10 reps, 3 sets) which is great, though it can tear your muscles up pretty well. I go through 4 week cycles to work on different aspects of my muscles (one strength training session per week). (Abs and pushups I do MWF)

1st Week - Power - Quick Firing of the muscles on the positive contraction, (less focus on the negative contraction of the muscle) - 7-10 reps moderate weight - this works on the power generated throughout a race.

2nd Week - Speed - Plyometric strength exercises - russian sqats, calve raises, (body weight things) focusing on speed and consistanty throughout positive and negative contractions - muscular endurance - 25-50 reps - I like to follow this with an hour bike, run, or swim. This builds consistancy of muscular strength and cardiovascular system working as one.

3rd Week - Strength - Muscle Fiber Recruitment - when a muscle is put under enourmous tension (to maximize lifted weight) - the muscle recruit more %'s of the fibers. This is esstential for when your body is breaking down at the end of a race. - 2-3 reps - Max Weight

4th Week - Recovery - I usually dont do much strength training. Abs, pushups, and pullups if I'm up to it.

I hope this helps :-)


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