Saturday, February 12, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 7

Our last day on the mountain was spectacular. We had bright blue skies, wonderful snow, warm air, and a great time. We decided to go bowling after skiing. "Bowling" at Bol. It is a wonderful bowling alley/bar that Charlie says is built up like everything is in Dubai. I can just imagine every hotel, bar, and resort built up to its beauty. But we are in Vail and it was something I was not expecting. We met an incredible women at the bar, Vanessa (I hope I spell her name right in case she's reading this). She runs an art gallery in NYC. Check it out it's awesome.

After eating and hearing magnificent stories from Vanessa we starting our trip back to Denver. I drove through the Rockies, which is not the easiest thing to do, although it is beautiful to see, especially when you cross the continental divide and see the city of Denver in the distance, sparkling in the moonlight. If anyone has never seen it, it is a must to come out west to see the mountains and the city lights.

Today's Workout
45 min bike
45 min run
16x1 min @ 5:56 min/mi w/ 1 min r
Full Body Stretch in hot tub
10x Lung Stretching in Steam Room

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