Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day - The Day Before, 70 degrees???

It was a wild weekend with the weather. 70 degrees at one point, now it's 22 with 4 more inches of snow. Go figure. After Nicole left I had some quality time with my baby Bella. She chewed up a newspaper as I was out running. She had so much energy when I got back from my run. Crazy. I need to teach her how to run. She doesn't like to leave the property so I'll have to teach her that.

Today's Workout
45 min Run
.....3x800 form @ sub-3
.....3x2x200 w/ 30 sec between repeats and 2 min between sets
75 min Bike
.....10x30 sec sprints w/ 2 min rest

4x25 Pushups
4x25 V-ups
4x100 Flutter Kicks (Back and Front)

90 min Swim (yds)
.....400 Warm

Drill set (x2)
.....5x40 kick (alt free/back)
.....200 @ 2:58
.....5x40 pull (alt one arms)
.....200 @ 2:58

Main Set
.....2x5x40 @ 30s w/ 30r

.....400 Cool

Cheerios w/ milk and bananas
Fruit/Wheaties/Yogurt - Dark Chocolate
Pasta with six cheese sauce
String Cheese
Chicken w/ mayo on whole wheat toast
Chocolate Milk

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