Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fridged Day - Shin splints - The Old Switcharoo

When I got up this morning (to Bella's paws on my face) I felt my shins were weak. I knew I wasn't going to do my run workout today, [It would've been some good hills.] Know your limits, Push your limits, doesn't apply to everything, especially in times of injury. Muscle weakness, soreness, lazyness all need to be pushed through, though shin splints, knee injuries, and tendon strains should be listened to.

Today's Workout
Run 30 Easy
Bike 60
.....15 Warm
.....10x(1 (sprint) n1's (hills)) w/ 2 min r

Row 10 min (5x30 sec sprints w/30 sec rest)
Shoulder Strength Routine (20 reps)
3x Hips, groin on full weight (12 reps)
3x 10 pushups, 10x dips
3x hamstrings (one leg) on 50 lbs (12 reps)
3x back pulls on 97 lbs (12 reps)
3x 10 lunges (50 lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs)
3x 12 shoulder press on 76 lbs
3x 50 toe ups
3x 12 on 90 lbs pressouts

Row 50 min (3x5 30 sec sprints with 5 min active rest)

Honey Nut Cheerios w/ Milk
Bagels w/ Butter
Chocolate Milk
Yogurt with Apple and Banana
Eggs with mushrooms and potato and cheese
Orange Juice
String Beans
Brown Rice with mot cheese
Grilled Chicken
English Muffin
Heed and Endurox
Honey Nut Cheerios

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