Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 5

Rest day (from skiing)
After being -15 f on the top of Vail mountain and Charlie (being slightly sick), we decided to pack it in for the day and relax. It was great. I really felt exhausted. For any who thinks they feel great but are secretly struggling (oxymoron), take a day of rest. Ward off that over-training which literally could end your season in an instant.

If you're making a trip (like skiing to Vail, or going to a training camp for a week), make sure you make a light rest week the week before the trip (7 days). I have no doubt anyone can work hard one week and work through a training camp the next without any problem. Unfortunately your excitment for your trip (or camp) will push off any difficult strains or sores until you start relaxing at the end of the week. The unfortunate thing is by that time, overtraining and injuries may have set in. Lesson: Take is easy the week before a trip.

Today's Workout
All Body Stretch


Hour Swim
10x60 IM
10 min Aqua Jog
Lung Stretching

45 min Strength Training
3x10x40lb Standing Bicep Curls
3x15x80lb Quad Extensions
3x12x95lb Lat Pulldowns
3x15x50lb Hamstring Curl
3x15x80lb Shoulder Press
3x90x230lb Leg Press
4x25 Pushups

Full body stick self-massage

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