Thursday, February 10, 2011

VAIL! - Colorado 6

It was a Bright Day with Charlie today. We went out on the mountain at 9 and skied until 4. Long day on the mountain but it was a bright sunny day. Nice groomed fast trails. We skied with Herb's friends for a little while Bill and ___. They liked skiing in the choppy snow. Charlie and I were fatigued from the powder days before but it still was a great day. I got some good video today which I'll use eventually! YAY! Now it's time to go out and eat :-)

2011 ITU Long Course World Championship's Length... So I found out the 2011 LC World's is much longer than a half ironman and much longer than the Long Course distance. I'm not sure why, I'll explain more later.

Today's Workout
15 min bike warmup
30 min run workout
3x800 @ 2:40 w/ 2 min r
3x400 @ 75 w/ 1:30 r
15 min elliptical cooldown
Full Body Stretch
Full body stick self-massage

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