Monday, February 7, 2011

January Freeze 10k - TCRC Binghamton

So this may be a little late, but o' well. The 10k went alright in Binghamton, NY. 37:14. Not the greatest time in the world (considering my triathlon 10k time is 35:11). Though it was a good sight to see all three laps evenly spaced. I couldn't produce a great deal of power but I was consistent. It's still pre-season, but I need to start and get my butt going if I am to do well this year. I'm strong. Now it's time to convert that strength to power. Consistent power. I came in forth during the race. I raced against some good runners who pushed me along. It was a coldish day, but not too bad. I felt slightly fatigued going into it.

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