Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-Racing Herby Waterman 5k #4

So today is all about prepping for the Race tomorrow and balancing that with training through. I'm excited, I've been running well recently. I've had difficulty ever since NIRCA Nationals in November. The problem was too many longer runs (60-90 min) rather than breaking those up into 30-45 min and filling the rest with a brick. Like today, 30 min run with a 45 min bike. I'll save those longer runs for quality workouts that are more beneficial for muscle adaptation, muscle fiber recruitment, and neural development.

Today's Workout
30 min run
w/ 4x150 strides
45 min bike easy

4x25 V-ups
4x25 pushups

Full body stretch

Eggs and Fluff
Pancakes w/ syrup
chocolate milk
Mixed Fruit
Life Water
Lots of Cakies
Fish - Tilapia
Kidney Beans and Cream of Corn
Sweet Potato
Yogurt/Wheaties/Fruit mix

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