Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Started another week: Race Week. I have the Herby Waterman Winter Series Race #4 on Sunday. I will be training through the race but it will be a good way to start testing my racing muscles (for running at least). I spent most of my time with Bella today. What fun! :-) It's Valentine's Day and I got my mother an 8GB flash drive that she wanted. Hopefully she won't read this post until afterwords. (Also I like the new bathmat Mom, I've been meaning to say it but never can remember, hopefully this helps)

Felt good today. My shin splints are still there but are succeeding. I will be focusing on short runs with more intensity from now on. Especially since the ITU Long Course World Championships are 18 miles instead of the usual 13. I need to be on my game for the run. That is where I will make up the most ground on the leaders. I'm developing my stride even more-so because I discovered I pumped my arms TOO violently. I developed my arms to pump and produce force but realized I've gone a little too far. Time to back that up.

Today's Workout
30 min Run
.....3x800 @ 2:42
1 hour Bike

10xLung Stretching Sips (on Bike)

4x25 Full Situps
4x25 Pushups
Full Body Stretch

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