Monday, February 7, 2011

My 22nd Birthday!

This will be short but let's go over it. My 22nd birthday - wonderful 22nd gathering with some old friends. It was nice. And of course instead of having cake, we had a cheesecake :-)

Now let's step back for a moment. After I raced in Binghamton for the January Freeze 10k I drove home that Sunday night at around 6. I got home with my mother greeting me. She had had me call home 2-3 times before I actually got to Middletown. Why? Why this madness? I walked into my room with my father in my chair and my mother on my bed petting my new Golden Retriever, Bella! She is beautiful :-) She is a wonderful puppy who was terrified at first when my parents brought her home. They rescued her from the Middletown Humane Society. She wouldn't move. We had to carry her outside to go to the bathroom, into the living room, and into the bedroom.

It's a few days later and she is running around chewing things up. I miss her but we bonded quite well before I left for Vail.

Pictures and Videos of Bella -

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