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I am trying to improve my HM time. In the past, everytime I do any kind of tempo training or speed training, I almost immediately get shin splints. Then running at all becomes a challenge. Maybe I am not doing them correctly.?? I have tried on the treadmill AND outside. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to improve time a different way? maybe with cross training? or is there another way to do speed training that is not going to give me shin splints? please help! Thanks:)
Posted by cdailey

I am a Triathlete so I am a big believer of cross training. There are a few things you need to focus on: Muscular production of power, running form, and aerobic power.

As with the other posts above do strides at the end of your easy runs to work on your running form. You want to keep good running form in order to run fast. Pretty self-explaintory. Keeping the time of hard running down will keep the shin splints down (I suffer from shin splints often so I know how you feel).

As for speed training, I suggest getting on the elliptical and in the pool. The pool is a great way to work on your running form and turnover without the pounding. Just put on an aqua belt and GO! Do some intervals like 10xmin with a minute jog. (You may cramp up the first time). Aqua jogging will be a great way to work on your turnover speed. The elliptical is the same way. You will be able to work on your turnover while working on your aerobic power. It doesn't work your form that well but you can get your heart rate up to a good aerobic %.

As for muscular production of power, a good tempo workout on the bike will work the muscles the best. My favorite is 4x10 min with 10 min rest (90 min workout) @ 185 BPM. It really engages all my muscle fibers and I fly when I get back on the road to run.

These things will allow you to train hard without getting shin splints. I will say though that your shins will still become weak after a run workout or race because it won't be used to the pounding. You will need to allow time for your body to adapt to the pounding of the road. I hope this helps! :-)

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